Saturday, October 13, 2007

A AAA+ Bank AAA Tenant AAII Abandonment Abandonment option Abandonment Stage Abandonment Value Abate Abatement ABC agreement ABC Analysis Aberration Abeyance Ability Ability to Pay Abnormal returns ABO Above par Above the Line Abrogate ABS Absenteeism Absentee Owner Absolute Advantage Absolute Auction Absolute form of purchasing power parity Absolute Physical Life Absolute priority Absorbed Absorption Rate Abstain Abstention Abstract of Record Abstract of Title Abusive Tax Shelter ACAT Accelerated cost recovery system (ACRS) Accelerated Depreciation Acceleration Clause Acceleration Request Accept Acceptable Quality Level Acceptance Acceptance Sampling Accession Access Time Accommodate Concerns Accommodation Paper Accommodation Party Accommodative monetary policy Accord and Satisfaction Account Accountability Account Ad Valorem Duty Accountant's Letter Accountant's Opinion Account balance Account Debtor Account executive Accounting Accounting Change Accounting Cycle Accounting earnings Accounting Equation Accounting Error Accounting exposure Accounting insolvency Accounting liquidity Accounting Method Accounting Period Accounting Procedure Accounting Records Account of Sales Account Party Account reconciliation Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Aging Accounts Receivable Factoring Accounts Receivable Financing Accounts Receivable Turnover Account statement Accredited Investor Accreting Swap) Accretion Accretion (of a discount) Accrual Accounting Accrual Accounting Convention Accrual basis Accrual bond Accrue Accrued Asset Accrued benefits Accrued discount Accrued Expenses Accrued Income Accrued Interest Accrued market discount Accumulate Accumulated Benefit Obligation (ABO) Accumulated dividend Accumulated profits tax Accumulation Accumulation area ACES ACH Achiever Acid Test Acid Test Ratio Acknowledgement Acquired surplus Acquiree Acquirer Acquisition Acquisition Cost Acquisition Financing Acquisition of assets Acquisition of stock Across the Board ACRS Acting in concert Actionable Action Plan Action to Quiet Title Active Active account Active bond crowd Active box Active fund management Active Income Active Management Active Market Active Money Active Partner Active portfolio strategy Active Return Active Risk Activist Fiscal Policy Act of God Act of state doctrine Actual Cash Value Actual Cost Actual market Actuals Actuary ACU AD A-D Ad Agency Ad Appropriation Adapt ADB Added Value Additional bonds test Additional Collateral Additional hedge Additional Mark On Add-On Interest Add-On Service Adequacy of coverage Adequate Protection Adhesion Contract Ad Infinitum Adjudication Adjustable Mortgage Loan Adjustable Rate Adjustable Rate Mortgage Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) Adjustable-rate preferred stock (ARPS) Adjusted balance method Adjusted basis Adjusted Book Value Adjusted debit balance (ADB) Adjusted exercise price Adjusted Gross Income Adjusted gross income (AGI) Adjusted present value (APV) Adjusted Tax Basis Adjusting Entry Adjustment bond Adjustment Bureaus Administer Administration Costs Administrative Expense Administrative Law Administrative pricing rules Administrative Systems Admitted Carrier Adopt Adoption ADR Ad Response ADS Adult Ad Valorem Ad valorem tax Advance Advance Against Documents Advance commitment Advance Computerized Execution System (ACES) Advance Factoring Advance funded pension plan Advancement Advance Rate Advance refunding Advance Rental Advantage Adventure Capitalist Adversarial Adversary Adverse Action Adverse Effects Adverse Opinion Adverse Possession Adverse Selection Advertising Agency Advertising Allowances Advertising Campaign Advertising Mediums Advertising Sales Ratio Advertorial Advising Bank Advisory Capacity Advisory letter Advocate AE AED Aesthetic Value AEX AF AFA Affect the Production Affidavit Affidavit of Loss Affiliate Affiliated Affiliated Chains Affiliated Companies Affiliated corporation Affiliated person Affiliated Wholesaler Affirmative covenant Affirmative obligation Affluent Affordability index AFM After acquired clause After-Acquired Collateral After-hours dealing or trading Aftermarket After-Sales Service After-tax basis After-tax profit margin After-tax real rate of return AG Against the box Aged fail Agencies Agency Agency bank Agency basis Agency costs Agency cost view Agency incentive arrangement Agency pass-throughs Agency problem Agency securities Agency theory Agent Agglomeration Aggregate Aggregate Corporation Aggregate exercise price Aggregate Income Aggregation Aggressive Growth Hedge Fund Aggressive growth mutual fund Aggressively Aggressive Quote Agile Manufacturing Aging Aging schedule Agreement Agreement Among Underwriters Agreement corporation Agribusiness Ahead of itself Ahead of you AI AIBD AIDA AIMR Performance Presentation Standards Implementation Committee Airedale Air Freight Consolidator Air pocket stock Air Waybill AL A la Carte Agency Alert Alien Corporation ALL Allegation All equity rate All Hands Meeting Allied member Alligator spread All in All-in cost All-in-rate All Nighter Allocational efficiency Allocation-of-income rules Allonge All Ordinaries Index All or None All or none order (AON) All-or-none underwriting Allotment Allowance for Depreciation Allowance for Doubtful Accounts Allowances All Risk Insurance Alongside Alpha Alphabet stock Alpha equation Alpha Test ALT Alternate Demand Alternative investments Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Alternative mortgage instruments Alternative order AM Amalgamation Amass Ambush Marketing AMD Amend Amendment Amenities Amenity Value American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) American Depository Receipt (ADR) American Depository Receipt Fees American Depository Receipt Ratio American Depository Share (ADS) American option American Plan American shares American Stock Exchange American Stock Exchange (AMEX) American-style option American Terms AMEX Amicus Curiae Amman Financial Market (AFM) Amman Stock Exchange Amortization Amortization factor Amortize Amortizing interest rate swap Amount outstanding and in circulation AMPS Amsterdam Exchange (AEX) AMTEL AN Analysis Paralysis Analyst Anchor Product Anchor Tenant Ancillary Andean Pact And interest Anecdotal Information ANG Angel Angels Ankle biter Annexation Announcement date Annual Annual basis Annual Debt Service Annual effective yield Annual exclusion Annual fund operating expenses Annualized gain Annualized holding-period return Annualizing Annual Meeting Annual Percentage Rate Annual percentage rate (APR) Annual percentage yield (APY) Annual rate of return Annual renewable term insurance Annual Report Annual Wage Annuitant Annuitize Annuity Annuity certain Annuity due Annuity factor Annuity in arrears Annuity starting date Answer Antedate Antedated Check Anticipated holding period Anticipation Antidilution Provisions Antidilutive effect Antigreenmail Anti-Persistence Antitrust Laws Any-interest-date Any-or-all bid Any-part-of order AO AON AOR AOS A & P Mix Applications Programs Applied Economics Applied Overhead Applied Research Appraisal Appraisal Fee Appraisal ratio Appraisal rights Appraised Value Appreciate Appreciation Appropriated Expenditure Appropriation Appropriation request Approved list Appurtenance APR A Priori Statement APS APT Aptitude APV APY AQ Aquaculture AR Arbitrage Arbitrage bonds Arbitrage-free option-pricing models Arbitrage Loan Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT) Arbitrage Trading Program (ATP) Arbitrageur Arbitration ARCH Architecture Archive Are you open? Arithmetic average (mean) rate of return Arithmetic mean return Arizona Stock Exchange ARM Arms index Arm's length price Arm's-Length Transaction Around us ARPS ARR Arranger Arrearage Arrears Arrows to Fire ARS Articles of Association Articles of Incorporation Artificial currency Artificial Intelligence AS Ascending tops ASE Asian Currency Units (ACU) Asian Development Bank Asian dollar market Asian Dollars Asian option Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Pact (APEC) As Is Ask Asked Price Asked to bid-offer Asking Price Aspirin Assay Assembly Plant Assess Assessed valuation Assessed Value Assessment Assessment Roll Asset Asset activity ratios Asset allocation decision Asset allocation mutual fund Asset-backed security Asset-based financing Asset-Based Lending Asset classes Asset Conversion Loan Asset Coverage Asset-coverage test Asset Depreciation Range System Asset-equity ratio Asset for asset swap Asset-liability management Asset Management Asset management account Asset play Asset pricing model Assets Assets-in-place Assets requirements Asset stripper Asset substitution Asset substitution problem Asset swap Asset turnover Asset value Assignability Assignee Assignment Assignment of proceeds Assignor Assimilate Assimilation Association Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Assume Assumed interest rate Assumption Assumptions ASX ASX Derivatives and Options Market (ASXD) Asymmetric information Asymmetric taxes Asymmetric volatility Asymmetry AT Athens Stock Exchange Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) ATP At Par At risk ATS At Sight At Some Juncture Attach Attachment Attest Attestation At the bell At the close order At the figure At the full At the market At-the-money At the opening order At This Point Attitude Attorney in Fact Attractor Attribute bias Attrition At Will AU Auction Auction Market Auction Market Preferred Stock (AMPS) Auction markets Auction rate preferred stock (ARPS) AUD Audit Audit Bureau of Circulation Auditor's certificate Auditor's report Audit Trail Aunt Millie Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Autarky Autex Authentication Authority bond Authorized shares Autocorrelation Automated bond system (ABS) Automated Clearing House Automated Clearing House (ACH) Automated Customer Account Transfer (ACAT) Automated Export System Automated Order System (AOS) Automated Pit Trading (APT) Automated teller machine (ATM) Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Automatic Deposit Automatic exercise Automatic extension Automatic funds transfer Automatic investment program Automatic Merchandising Automatic reinvestment Automatic Stabilizers Automatic Stay Automatic transfer service (ATS) account Automatic withdrawal Automation Autoquote Autoregressive Auto-Regressive (AR) Process Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (ARCH) Availability Availability float Available Assets Available Balances Available cash flow Available on the way in Aval Avalizor Average Average accounting return Average (across-day) measures Average age of accounts receivable Average Collection Period Average collection period, or days' receivables Average cost Average cost of capital Average Daily Balance Average discount rate Average down Average equity Average Inventory Average life Average maturity Average rate of return (ARR) Averages Average tax rate Average up Averaging Avoided cost AW Award Awareness Away Away from the market Away from us Away from you AWG Ax Axe to grind AZ AZM B B2B BA Babel Baby Bond Baby Boomer Back Back away Backdate Backdating Backdoor Back Door Backed in Back-end load fund Back fee Background Backgrounder Backlog Back months Back Office Back Office Crunch Back of the House Back on the shelf Back Pay Backstab Back taxes Back-testing Back-to-back financing Back-to-Back Letters of Credit Back-to-back loan Backup Back up Backup line Backup Line of Credit Backwardation Backward Compatible Backward Integration Bad Debt Bad Debt Recovery Bad Debt Reserve Bad Debt Write-off Bad delivery Bad Faith Bad title Bai-kai Bailing out Bailment Bailout Bailout bond Bait and Switch Baker Plan Balance Balanced budget Balanced Fund Balanced mutual fund Balanced Team Balance of payments Balance of Payments Balance of Trade Balance on goods and services Balance Sheet Balance sheet exposure Balance sheet identity Balloon interest Balloon Loan Balloon maturity Balloon Payment Ballot BAM BAN Band Aid Band-Aid Approach Banded Product Bandwidth Bank anticipation notes (BAN) Bank-based corporate governance system Bank collection float Bank Credit Bank Credit Card Bank Discount Bank discount basis Bank Draft Banker's acceptance Bankers' Acceptance Bank Examiner Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Bank Holding Company Bank Holiday Banking Delay Bank Insurance Fund (BIF) Bank Investment Contract (BIC) Bank Letter of Credit Policy Bank line Bank Loan Bankmail Bank Note Bank Rate Bank regulation Bank Reserves Bankroll Bank run (bank panic) Bankruptcy Bankruptcy cost view Bankruptcy risk Bankruptcy view Bank Term Loan Bank trust department Bank Wire Bantam Store BAR Barbell strategy Bar Chart Bare Bare Bones Barefoot Investor Barefoot pilgrim Bargain Basement Bargain Hunter Bargaining Unit Bargain-purchase-price option Bargain Stock Barometer BARRA's performance analysis (PERFAN) Barren Money Barrier options Barron's confidence index Barter Base Base Business Base currency Base interest rate Basel Accord Baseline Base market value Base Pay Rate Base Period Base probability of loss Base rate Basic balance Basic business strategies Basic Crops Basic Industry Basic IRR rule Basis Basis Point Basis price Basis risk Basket Basket Clause Basket options Basket trades Batch Battery Battle of the Brands Bazaar BB BBD BD BD form BDS Statistic BDT BE BEACON Beads and Trinkets Bean Counter Bear Bear CD Bearer Bond Bearer form Bearer share Bear Hug Bearish Bear Market Bear raid BEARS Bear spread Bear trap Beating the gun Beauty Contest Bedroom Community Beef Up BEF Before-tax contributions Before-tax profit margin Beggar-thy-neighbor Beggar-thy-neighbor devaluation Behind Believe In Bell Bellwether Bellwether issues Belly-to-Belly Selling Belly-Up Below Par Below the Line Belt and Suspenders Beltway Bandits Benchmark Benchmark error Benchmark interest rate Benchmark issue Bench Strength Beneath Beneficial Impacts Beneficial Owner Beneficial ownership Beneficiary Benefit Benefit Base Benefit Ratio Benefit Segmentation Benefits in Kind Bequest Best efforts Best Efforts Offering Best-efforts sale Best-interests-of-creditors test Best's rating Beta Beta equation (security) Beta Test Betterment BF BG BGL BH BHD BI Biannual Bias Biased expectations theories Bible Belt BIC Bid Bid and Ask Bid-asked spread Bid away Bid bond Bidder Bidding buyer Bidding through the market Bidding up Bid In Bid Price Bid-to-cover ratio Bid wanted Biennial BIF Bifurcation Bifurcation Diagram Big Bang Big Blue Big Board Big Business Big picture Big producer Big Three Big-Ticket Item Big uglies Bilateral Bilateral Netting Billable Hours Billboard Billing Cycle Bill of Exchange Bill of Lading Bill of Sale Binder Binomial option pricing model Bio Biodegradable Bioengineering Biotechnology BIPS Bird Dog BIS Bi-Weekly Mortgage Bi-weekly mortgage loan BJ Black Capitalism Black Friday Black Ink Blacklist Black Market Black Monday Black-Scholes option-pricing model Blank check Blank check offering Blank Check Preferred Stock Blanket certification form Blanket fidelity bond Blanket inventory lien Blanket Lien Blanket Mortgage Blanket recommendation Bleed Blended Rate Blighted Area Blind Alley Blind Endorsement Blind Entries Blinders Blind pool Blind Trust Blip Blister Pack Blitzkrieg tender offer Block Blockbuster Block call Blocked currency Blocked funds Block house Block list Block trade Block trader Block voting Blowback Blow-off top Blowout Blowup Blue Chip Blue-chip company Blue Chip Investment Blue Chip Stock Blue chip stocks Blue Collar Blue Laws Blue List Blue Sky Blue-sky laws Blue Sky Laws Blurb BM BMD BN BND BO Board broker Board of Advisors Board of Directors Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Board of Trade Board of Trustees Board room BOB Bo Derek stock Body Copy Bogey Bogus Boilerplate Boiler Room Bollinger Bands Bolsa Bolsa de Commercio de Santiago (SSE) Bolsa de Valores de Rio de Janeiro (BVRJ) Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo (BOVESPA) Bolt Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Bona Fide Bona Fide Guaranty Bond Bond agreement Bond anticipation note (BAN) Bond broker Bond Buyer Bond Buyer's municipal bond index Bond counsel Bond covenant Bond crowd Bond discount Bonded Goods Bonded Warehouse Bond-equivalent basis Bond equivalent yield Bond fund Bondholder Bond indenture Bond indexing Bond market association Bond mutual fund Bond of Indemnity BONDPAR Bond points Bond power Bond Premium Bond rating Bond Ratings Bond ratio Bonds Enabling Annual Retirement Savings (BEARS) Bond swap Bond value Boning Bonus Bon voyage bonus Booby Trap Boodle Book Book Account Book cash Book-Entry Book-Entry Securities Booking Book Inventory Bookkeeping Book profit Book runner Books of Final Entry Books of Original Entry Book to bill Book to market Book Value Book value per share Boom Boondoggle Boot Bootstrap Bootstrap Loan Bootstrapping Borrow Borrowed reserves Borrower Borrower fallout Borrowing Base Borrowing Power Boston Exchange Automated Communication Order-Routing Network (BEACON) BOT Bottom Bottom Feeder Bottom fisher Bottom Line Bottomline growth Bottom Out Bottom-up equity management style Bought deal Bounce Bounce an Idea off Someone Bourgeoisie Bourse Boutique Box Box spread Box Store Boycott Bozo BPS BR Bracket Bracket Creep Brady bonds Branch Brand Brand Association Brand Development Index Brand Extension Brand Image Brand Loyalty Brand Name Brand Share Brass Breach of Contract Breach of Trust Breach of Warranty Breadth Breadth of the market Breadwinner Break Breakdown Charts Break even Break-even analysis Break Even Analysis Break-even lease payment Break-even payment rate Break-even point Break-even tax rate Break-even time Breaking the syndicate Breakout Breakpoint Breakpoint Sale Break price Breakthrough Break Up Breakup value Breeden, Douglas T. Bretton Woods Bretton Woods Agreement Bricks and Mortar Bridge Financing Bridge Stage Financing Brief Briefing Bring Them Along British clearers BRL Broad-Base Broad Market Broad tape Broken up Broker Broker-dealer Brokered CD Brokered market Broker loan rate Brokers' loans Brought over the wall Brush Fire Brussels Stock Exchange (BSE) BS BSD BT BTM BTN Bubble theory Buck Bucket shop Budapest Stock Exchange Budget Budget authority Budget Deficit Budget surplus Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires) Buffer Buffer Inventory Build a book Builder buydown loan Builders' All Risk Building Loan Build Instructions (Make Files) Build Own Transfer Bulge Bulge bracket Bulk Assignment Bulk Handling Bulk Sales Escrow Bulk Transfer Bull Bull-bear bond Bull CD Bulldog bond Bulldog market Bullet Bullet contract Bullet loan Bullet strategy Bullion Bullion coins Bullish Bullish On Bull Market Bull spread Bump-up CD Bunching Bundle Bundling Bundling, unbundling Burden Burden of Proof Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Burnout Burn rate Business Analysis Business and Industrial Development Company Business Case Business Climate Business Combination Business Combination laws Business Conditions Business Corporation Business Credit Business Cycle Business Day Business Development Corporation Business failure Business Finance Companies Business Indicators Business Interruption Business Organization Business Plan Business Risk Business segment reporting Business-to-Business Advertising Busted convertible Bust-up takeover Butterfly Butterfly shift Butterfly spread Buy Buy and Hold Buy-and-hold strategy Buy-and-write strategy Buyback Buy-Back Agreement Buydown Buy-Down Rate Buyer credit Buyer's Market Buyers-sellers on balance Buy hedge Buy In Buying climax Buying Cycle Buying on Margin Buying power Buying the index Buy limit order Buy minus order Buy on close Buy on margin Buy on opening Buy on the bad news Buy or Build Buy Order Buyout Buy-Sell Agreement Buy-side analyst Buy stop order Buy the book Buy the Farm Buy write BV BW BWP BY BYB Bylaw Amendment Limitations Bylaws Bypass trust By-Product By the Book BZ BZD C CA Cabinet crowd Cabinet security Cable Cable Transfer CAC 40 index CAD CADS Cafeteria Plan Cage CAGR Calendar Calendar Driven Calendar effect Calendar spread Calendar Straddle or Combination Calendar Year Call Callability Callable Callable Loan Call an option Call Date Called away Call feature Call Loan Call loan rate Call money rate Call option Call premium Call price Call protection Call Provision Call risk Calls Call swaption Calm Market Cambist CAMPS Canadian agencies Canadian Dealing Network (CDN) Cancel Canceled Certificates Cannibalization Canvass Cap Capacity Capacity utilization rate Capex Capital Capital Account Capital allocation decision Capital Appreciation Capital appreciation fund Capital Asset Capital asset pricing model (CAPM) Capital Budget Capital budgeting Capital Builder Account (CBA) Capital Employed Capital Equipment Capital Expenditure Capital expenditures Capital Flight Capital Formation Capital gain Capital Gains Capital gains distribution Capital gains tax Capital gains yield Capital Goods Capital growth Capital Improvement Capital infusion Capital Intensity Capital-intensive Capital Intensive Industry Capital International Indexes Capital Investment Capitalist Economies Capitalization Capitalization Rate Capitalization ratios Capitalization Table Capitalization-Weighted Index Capitalize Capitalized Capitalized Cost Capitalized interest Capital lease Capital Liabilities Capital Loss Capital Market Capital market efficiency Capital market imperfections view Capital market line (CML) Capital Movement Capital Outlay Capital Rationing Capital Requirement Capital requirements Capital Resource Capital shares Capital Stock Capital Structure Capital surplus Capital Turnover CAPM Capped-Style Option CAPS Captive finance company Captive Market Caput Car Caracas Stock Exchange Carcinogenic CARDs Cargo Carnet Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carriage and Insurance Paid To (CIP) Carriage Paid To (CPT) Carrier Carrot and Stick Carrot equity Carry Carry-back; Carry-forward Carryforwards Carrying charge Carrying Charges Carrying Costs Carrying value Carryover CARs Cartage Cartel Cascade Case History Case Law Cash Cash account Cash Against Documents Cash & carry Cash and Carry Cash and equivalents Cash asset ratio Cash Available for Debt Service Cash Basis Cashbook Cash Budget Cash Burn Rate Cash Collateral Cash commodity Cash Control Cash conversion cycle Cash Cow Cash Credit Cash Cycle Cash deficiency agreement Cash delivery Cash Disbursement Cash Disbursements Journal Cash Discount Cash Dividend Cash Earnings Cashed-Based Cash Equivalence Cash-equivalent items Cash Flow Cash flow after interest and taxes Cash Flow Analysis Cash Flow Benefits Cash flow break-even point Cash flow coverage ratio Cash flow from operations Cash flow matching Cash flow per common share Cash flow time line Cashier's check Cash in Advance Cashing Out Cash in Hand Cash Injection Cash In Lieu (CIL) Cash investments Cash Journal Cash Management Cash management bill Cash Market Cash markets Cash offer Cash-on-cash return Cash on Cash Return Cash on Delivery Cash on delivery (COD) Cash Order Cashout Cash Out Cash-out Laws Cash plus convertible Cash Position Cash price Cash Ratio Cash Receipts Journal Cash Reserve Cash reserves Cash sale-settlement Cash Settlement Cash settlement contracts Cash-surrender value Cash Surrender Value Cash transaction Cash Value Cash with Order Casual Labor Casualty-insurance Casualty Loss Catalog House Catalogue Store Catastrophe call Catastrophic Coverage Catch 22 CATS Cats and Dogs Causation Cause Cause of Action Caveat Caveat Emptor Caveat emptor, caveat subscriptor Caveat Venditor CAX CBD CBO CBOE CC C Corporation CD CDC CDN CDO Cease-and-desist order Cease and Desist Order CEC Cede & Co. CEDEL CEG Ceiling Censure Census Central Bank Central bank intervention Central Business District Central Buying Centralized cash flow management Central Limit Theorem Central Planning Cents per share Certainty equivalent Certainty Equivalent Return Certificate Certificateless municipals Certificate of Accrual on Treasury Securities (CATS) Certificate of Claim Certificate of Deposit Certificate of deposit (CD) Certificate of Inspection Certificate of Manufacture Certificate of Occupancy Certificate of Origin Certificate of Title Certificates of Amortized Revolving Debt (CARD) Certificates of Automobile Receivables (CAR) Certification Certified Certified check Certified Copy Certified Development Company Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Certified financial statements Certified Public Accountant Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Ceteris Paribus CF CFAT CFC CFR CFTC CG CH Chain Chain of Command Chain Stores Chair Chairman of the Board Chair of the board Champion Change Board Change Control Change Control Plan Change Proposal Changes in financial position Channel Captain Channel Conflict Channel of Distribution Chaos CHAP Chapter 11 Chapter 11 Proceedings Chapter 7 Proceedings Character Characteristic Characteristic line Characteristic portfolio Character Loan Charge Charge Back Charge Off Charitable remainder trust Charm School Charter Charter Amendment Limitations Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charter Party Chartist Chartists Chart of Accounts Chasing the market Chastity bonds Chattel Chattel Mortgage Chattel Paper Chatter Cheapest to deliver issue Cheap Money Cheap Stock Check Check clearing Check Clearings Check Credit Checking the market Checkpoint Review Checkwriting CHESS CHF Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Chinese hedge Chinese wall CHIPS Choice market Christopher Columbus Manager Chronic Waste Chronology Churning CI CIF Cincinnati Stock Exchange (CSE) Circle Circuit breakers Circular File Circulation and Readership Circus swap Citizen bonds City code on takeovers and mergers Civilian Labor Force Civil Law CK CL Claimant Claim dilution Clamp Down Class Class A-Class B shares Class action Class Action Suit Classified Advertisement Classified Board Classified Loan Classified stock Class of Options Class Price Claused Bill of Lading Clawback Clean Clean Bill of Lading Clean Draft Clean Hands Clean opinion Clean price Clean Report of Findings Clean Up Cleanup Fund Clear Clearance Time Clear a position Clearing Account Clearing corporations Clearinghouse Clearing House Automated Payments System (CHAPS) Clearing House Electronic Subregister System (CHESS) Clearing house funds Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS) Clearing member Clearing Member Trade Agreement (CMTA) Clear Title CLF Clientele effect CLO Clone Clone fund Close Close a position Close Corporation Plan Closed Corporation Closed-end fund Closed End Lease Closed-end management company Closed-end mortgage Closed End Mortgage Closed fund Closed out Closed Shop Closed Stock Closed Territory Close-end credit Closely held Closely held company Closely Held Corporation Close market Closeout Closing Closing Bell Closing Cost Closing costs Closing Date Closing Entry Closing Inventory Closing price Closing purchase Closing quote Closing range Closing sale Closing Statement Closing tick Closing transaction Closing TRIN Cloud on the Title Cloud on title CLP Club Cluster analysis CM CMBS CME CML CMO CMO REIT CMTA CN CNY CO Co-agent Coattail investing Code of procedure Code Review Coding Coding Standard COD transaction COE Coefficient of determination Coefficient of Variation Coface Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange (CS&CE) Co-financing Cofinancing agreements Cognitive Dissonance Coherent Market Hypothesis Coincident indicators Coinsurance effect Cold-calling Cold Calling Co-Lending Collapse Collar Collate Collateral Collateral Control Collateralized Bond Obligation (CBO) Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) Collateralized Loan Collateralized loan obligation (CLO) Collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) Collateral Note Collateral trust bonds Colleague Collectibles Collecting Bank Collection Collection Agency Collection float Collection Follow-Up System Collection fractions Collection Index Collection Papers Collection period Collection policy Collection ratio Collection System Collective Bargaining Collective wisdom Collectivism Collusion Colombo Stock Exchange Coloration Colorize COLT (Continuous on-line trading system) Comaker Comanager Co-manager Combination Combination annuity Combination bond Combination matching Combination order Combination strategy Combined financial statement Come in Comeout Come out of the trade COMEX Comfort letter Co-mingled Funds Command Economy Comment Letter Commerce Commercial and Industrial Loan Commercial Bank Commercial Borrowing Commercial Credit Commercial Draft Commercial Finance Commercial hedgers Commercial Invoice Commercial Lending Commercial Letter of Credit Commercial letters of credit Commercial Loan Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Commercial Paper Commercial Property Commercial risk Commercial Value Commingle Commingling Commission Commission broker Commission house Commission-only compensation Commitment Commitment Fee Commitment Letter Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures (CUSIP) Commodities Exchange Center (CEC) Commodity Commodity-backed bond Commodity Bundle Commodity Channel Index Commodity futures contract Commodity Futures Trading Commission Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Commodity indices Commodity paper Commodity Research Bureau Commodity Trading Advisor Common-base-year analysis Common Carrier Common code Common factor Common Law Common market Common Sense Common shares Common-size analysis Common-size statement Common Stock Common stock equivalent Common stock fund Common stock market Common stock-other equity Common stock ratios Commonwealth Development Corp Communication Strategy Community Development Corporation Community Property Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Companion bonds Company Company doctor Company Policy Company Rag Company-specific risk Comparable Worth Comparative advantage Comparative Advertising Comparative credit analysis Comparative statements Comparison Comparison Shopper Comparison universe Compatible Compelling Case Compensable Factor Compensating Balance Compensation Compensation and Bonus Plans Compensation Package Compensation System Compensation trade Compensatory Financing Facility (CFF) Competence Competition Competition ahead Competitive Advantage Competitive Advertising Competitive Analysis Competitive bidders Competitive bidding Competitive offering Compilation Compile Complaint Complementary Financing Complete Complete capital market Complete portfolio Completion Completion Bond Completion bonding Completion risk Completion test Completion undertaking Complexity Complexity Theory Compliance Compliance department Compliance Monitoring Complimentary Component Composite tape Composition Compound Compound Annual Growth Rate Compound Annual Return Compound Growth Rate Compounding Compounding frequency Compounding period Compound Interest Compound option Comprehensive due diligence investigation Comprehensive Income Comptroller Comptroller of the Currency Compulsory Computerese Computerized market timing system Computerphobia Concave Concentrated Segmentation Concentration Concentration account Concentration Banks Concentration services Concept Concept Testing Concept to Customer Conceptualize Conceptual Thinking Concession Concession agreement Concurrent Condemn Condemnation Condemnation Value Conditional call Conditional call options Conditional Sales Contract Conditional sales contracts Conditions Condor Conduit theory Cone of Uncertainty Conference Board Confidence Game Confidence indicator Confidence in the Future Confidence letter Confidence Level Confidentiality Agreement Confirmation Confirmed Letter of Credit Confirming Bank Confiscate Conflict between bondholders and stockholders Conform Conformance Conformed Copy Conforming Loan Conforming loans Conglomerate Conglomerate merger Congruence Connotation Consensus Consensus forecast Consent Consideration Consignee Consignment Consol Consolidated financial statement Consolidated mortgage bond Consolidated tape Consolidated tax return Consolidation Consolidation Loan Consortium Consortium banks Constant dollar Constant-dollar plan Constant Factor Constant-growth model Constant Payment Loan Constant Ratio Method Constant ratio plan Constant Whitewater Constant yield method Construction Construction Loan Constructive receipt Consular Declaration Consular Invoice Consumer Consumer Advisory Council (CAC) Consumer Credit Consumer Credit Protection Act of 1968 Consumer debenture Consumer durables Consumer finance company Consumer Goods Consumer interest Consumerism Consumer Loan Consumer Price Index Consumer Price Index (CPI) Consumer Profile Consumer Protection Consummate Consumption Expenditures Consumption tax Contagion Contango Contingency Contingency Fee Contingency Fund Contingency graph Contingency order Contingency Planning Contingent Contingent claim Contingent conversion trigger Contingent deferred sales charge (CDSC) Contingent immunization Contingent order Contingent pension liability Contingent Voting Power Continuation Statement Continuous compounding Continuous Improvement Continuous net settlement (CNS) Continuous random variable Contra Account Contra broker Contract Contraction Contraction Phase Contract month Contractual Claim Contractual Intermediary Contractual plan Contramarket stock Contrarian Contrarian investing Contributed capital Contribution Contribution Margin Contributory Contributory Value Control Control Account Controllable Costs Controlled Circulation Controlled commodities Controlled Company Controlled disbursement Controlled foreign corporation (CFC) Controller Control Limits Controlling Interest Control parameters Control person Control-share Acquisition Laws Control stock Convenience Good Convenience yield Conventional Loan Conventional mortgage Conventional option Conventional pass-throughs Conventional project Convention statement Convergence Conversion Conversion Cost Conversion factors Conversion feature Conversion parity Conversion parity price Conversion parity-value Conversion Period Conversion premium Conversion price Conversion Ratio Conversion value Converted put Convertibility Convertible Convertible 100 Convertible adjustable preferred stock (Caps) Convertible Arbitrage Convertible bond Convertible Currency Convertible eurobond Convertible exchangeable preferred stock Convertible Preferred Stock Convertible price Convertible Securities Convertible security Convex Convexity Conveyance Cook the books Cooling-off period Cooperative COP Copenhagen Stock Exchange Core Business Core capital Core competence Core Groups Core Market Cornering the Market Corp and Gown Corporate Corporate acquisition Corporate Affiliations Corporate bonds Corporate Campaign Corporate charter Corporate Culture Corporate equivalent yield Corporate finance Corporate financial management Corporate financial planning Corporate financing committee Corporate Identity Corporate Image Corporate income fund (CIF) Corporate Insider Corporate Objectives Corporate processing float Corporate repurchase Corporate Resolutions Corporate taxable equivalent Corporate tax view Corporate Trust Corporate Venture Capital Corporation Corpus Correction Corrective and Preventative Action Correlate Correlation Correlation coefficient Correlation Dimension Correlation Integral Correspondent Correspondent Bank Corroborate Cosigner Cost Cost Absorption Cost Accounting Cost and Freight (CFR) Cost Approach Cost Basis Cost Benefit Analysis Cost-benefit ratio Cost Center Cost company arrangement Cost Concept Cost Containment Cost-Effectiveness Cost Estimating Costing Costing System Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) Cost Management Cost Objective Cost of Capital Cost of Carry Cost-of-carry market Cost of equity Cost of funds Cost of Goods Sold Cost of lease financing Cost of limited partner capital Cost of Living Adjustment Cost of Living Index Cost of Poor Quality Cost of Sales Cost Overrun Cost-plus contract Cost Plus Pricing Cost-Price Squeeze Cost-Push Inflation Cost records Cost Recovery Period Cost Study Cottage Industry Council of Economic Advisers Council of Economic Advisors Countdown Countercyclical stocks Countermarket Counterparties Counterpart items Counterparty Counterparty risk Counterpurchase Countersigning Countertrade Countervailing Duty Country allocations Country beta Country diversification Country economic risk Country financial risk Country of Origin Country risk Country selection Coup Coupon Coupon Advertisement Coupon Bond Coupon-equivalent rate Coupon equivalent yield Coupon Pack Coupon pass Coupon payments Coupon Rate Covariance Covenant Covenants Cover Coverage Coverage initiated Coverage ratios Covered Covered call Covered call writing strategy Covered foreign currency loan Covered interest arbitrage Covered Interest Rate Parity Covered option Covered or hedge option strategies Covered position Covered put Covered straddle Covered straddle write Covered writer Covering CPI CPT CR Cramdown Cram-down deal Crash Crash Cost Crawling peg CRB CRC Cream Creampuff Sale Create Value Creative Financing Credible signal Credit Credit Analysis Credit Approval Credit Balance Credit Bureau Credit card Credit Checking Service Credit Control Credit Crunch Credit Department Credit Elasticity of Demand Credit enhancement Credit Equation Credit History Crediting rate Credit Instruments Credit Insurance Credit Interchange Bureaus Credit Life Insurance Credit Limit Credit Line Credit linked security Creditor Credit Order Creditor's committee Credit Period Credit Policy Delay Credit quality Credit Rating Credit Rating Agencies Credit Report Credit Requirements Credit Risk Credit Risk Insurance Credits Credit Sales Index Credit scoring Credit spread Credit Squeeze Credit Standards Credit Standing Credit Terms Credit union Credit watch Creditworthiness Creeping expropriation Creeping tender offer Crescendo CREST Crisis Crisis Management Crisp Sets Criteria Critical Critical Incident Critical Levels Critical Process Cronyism Cross Cross-border bonds Cross-border factoring Cross-border risk Cross-Collateral Cross-Collateralization Cross-default Cross Default Clauses Crossed market Crossed trade Cross-Footing Cross hedging Cross-holdings Cross-Merchandising Crossover rate Cross rates Cross-sectional analysis Cross-sectional approach Cross-Sectional Ratio Analysis Cross-Selling Cross-share holdings Cross-Training Crowding out Crowd trading Crown jewel Crown Jewels Crown Law CTA CU Culpable Culture Cum dividend Cum rights Cumulative abnormal return (CAR) Cumulative Auction Market Preferred Stocks (CAMPS) Cumulative dividend feature Cumulative Preferred Cumulative preferred stock Cumulative probability distribution Cumulative total return Cumulative Translation Adjustment (CTA) account Cumulative voting CUP Cure Cure All Cure Period Currency Currency appreciation Currency arbitrage Currency basket Currency Board Currency call option Currency Convertibility Currency depreciation Currency devaluation Currency diversification Currency Exchange Currency Exchange Risk Currency future Currency futures contract Currency hedge Currency in circulation Currency option Currency overvaluation Currency put option Currency revaluation Currency risk Currency risk sharing Currency selection Currency Speculator Currency Swap Current account Current account balance Current Assets Current Capital Current coupon Current Coupon Bond Current-coupon issues Current Debt Current dollar Current Dollars Current income Current income bonds Current issue Current Liabilities Current market value Current maturity Current-noncurrent method Current order Current production rate Current rate method Current Ratio Current Use Value Current yield Cushion Cushion bonds Cushion theory CUSIP CUSIP number Custodial fees Custodian Custodian bank Custom Customary Arrangement Customary payout ratios Custom Builder Customer Customer Driven Customer Guaranty Customer Needs Customer Profile Customer Service Customers' net debit balance Customhouse Broker Customized benchmarks Customs Customs Broker Customs Duty Customs union Cut Cut Off Date Cutoff point Cut-Off Times CV CVE CX CY Cycle of Service Cycles Cycle Time Cyclical Cyclical Industry Cyclical Movement Cyclical stock Cyclical Unemployment CYP CZ CZK D D-A Daily Build and Smoke Test Daily price limit Daily Price Limits Daily Trading Limit Daisy chain Damages Darwinism Data Bank Data Processing Dated Dated date Date Draft Date Effective Date Filed Date of Issue Date of payment Date of Record Dates convention Dating Dawn Patrol Dawn raid Day around order Day loan Day of deposit to day of withdrawal account Days Beyond Term Days in receivables Days of Grace Days Receivables Days' sales in inventory ratio Days' sales outstanding Day trade Day trading D & B DCF DDM DE Deadbeat Dead cat bounce Deadend Dead Goods Dead Letter Deadline Dead Presidents Dead Stock Dead Time Deadwood Deal Deal Breaker Dealer Dealer Finance Dealer loan Dealer options Dealer's spread Deal flow Dealing desk (Trading desk) Deal stock Deal With Dear Money Death-backed bonds Death Benefit Death play Death Spiral Convertible Death Valley Curve Debenture Debenture bond Debenture stock Debit Debit Balance Debit card Debit Memorandum Debit spread Debt Debt bomb Debt capacity Debt Capital Debt ceiling Debt Consolidation Debt Coverage Ratio Debt displacement Debt-equity ratio Debt-for-equity swap Debtholder Debt Instrument Debt leverage Debt limit Debt limitation Debt market Debtor Debtor in possession Debtor-in-possession financing Debt outstanding subject to limitation Debt Ratio Debt relief Debt Retirement Debt securities Debt Security Debt Service Debt service coverage Debt-service coverage ratio Debt service parity approach Debt swap Debt-to-Equity Ratio Debt-to-Worth Ratio Deceptive Advertising Deceptive Packaging Decile rank Decimalization Decimal trading Decision Decision Break-Point Analysis Decision Package Decision Support System Decision Tree Decisive Decisive Action Declaration Declaration date Declare Declining-Balance Method Decommission Decree Dedicating a portfolio Dedication Dedication strategy Deductible Deductible contribution Deduction Deductive Reasoning Deed Deed of Release Deed of Surrender Deed of Trust Deed Restrictions Deep Discount Deep-discount bond Deep Discount Bond Deep in the money Deep out of the money Deep Six De Facto De Facto Corporation Default Default interest Default Judgement Default premium Default risk Defeasance Defect Defective Defective Title Defect Tracking Defendant Defensive securities Defer Deferral of Taxes Deferred Account Deferred annuities Deferred Billing Deferred call Deferred charge Deferred Compensation Deferred Credit Deferred futures Deferred interest bond Deferred nominal life annuity Deferred payment annuity Deferred Payment Credit Deferred Payments Deferred Revenue Deferred tax expense Deficiency Deficiency Agreement Deficiency Letter Deficit Deficit Financing Deficit Net Worth Deficit Spending Defined asset fund Defined benefit plan Defined contribution plan Defined event Deflation Deflator Defunct Dehire Deindustrialization De Jure De Jure Corporation Delayed issuance pool Delayed settlement-delivery Delayer Del Credere Delegate Delete Deliberate Delimit Delinquency Delinquent Delinquent Loan Delist Delisting Deliver Deliverable Deliverable bills Deliverable instrument Delivered at Frontier (DAF) Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) Delivered Ex Quay (DEQ) Delivered Ex Ship (DES) Delivery Delivery date Delivery options Delivery points Delivery price Delivery versus payment Delphi technique Delta Delta cross-hedge Delta hedge Delta neutral Delta Spread DEM Demand Demand Analysis Demand Curve Demand Deposit Demand deposits Demand Draft Demand Inflation Demand line of credit Demand Loan Demand master notes Demand-Pull Inflation Demand Rights Demand shock Demarketing Demassification Demographics Demographic Segmentation Demonstrate Demotivate Denationalize Denomination De Novo Department Risk Dependent Dependent variable Deplete Depletion Deploy Deployment Document Depositary Deposit insurance Deposition Depository institution Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act Depository preferred Depository receipt Depository transfer check (DTC) Depository Transfer Checks Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) Depository Trust Company Depository Trust Company (DTC) Depot Depreciate Depreciated cost Depreciated Replacement Value Depreciated Value Depreciation Depreciation Reserve Depreciation tax shield Depressed Area Depressed market Depressed price Depression DEQ Deregulate Deregulation Derivative Derivative instruments Derivative markets DES Descending tops Descriptor Design Design Review Design risk Design Shop Desk Destination Control Statement Detailed Detailed Cost Estimate Detailed Design Detailed Design Document Detect Determinism Deterministic models Detrend Deutsche B�rse Deutsche Börse AG (DBAG) Deutsche Mark Deutsche Terminbörse (DTB) Devaluation Devalue Deviate Diagnosis Diagonal Expansion Diagonal spread Dialing and smiling Dialing for dollars Diamonds Dicker Diff Difference check Difference from S&P Differential Differential disclosure Differential swap Differentiation Diffusion Diffusion process Digest Digitize Digits deleted Dilution Dilution protection Dilutive effect Diminishing Return Direct Claim Direct Collection Direct Cost Direct Costing Direct costs of financial distress Direct deposit Direct deposit service Direct estimate method Direct Exchange Rate Direct Expense Direct foreign investment (DFI) Direct investment Direct Issuers Direct Labor Direct lease Direct Loan Program Direct Mail Direct Marketing Director Directorate Director Exception Directors' Duties Directorship Directors' Indemnities Directors' Questionnaires Direct Overhead Direct paper Direct participation program Direct placement Direct Production Direct Profit Direct Purchase Plan Direct quote Direct Registration System Direct Relationship Direct Response Advertising Direct rollover Direct search market Direct Selling Direct Sends Direct stock-purchase programs Direct terms Dirty float Dirty price Dirty stock Disability income insurance Disaffirmation Disassociate Disburse Disbursement float DISC Discharge Discharge of bankruptcy Discharge of Lien Disclaimer Disclaimer of opinion Disclosure Discontinued Operation Discontinued operations Discount Discount Arbitrage Discount Bond Discount broker Discount Charge Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Discounted cash flow (DCF) Discounted dividend model (DDM) Discounted in-by market Discounted payback Discounted payback period rule Discount factor Discounting Discounting the news Discount Interest Discount Loan Discount payment Discount period Discount Rate Discount Store Discount window Discount yield Discovery Discrepancy Discrete compounding Discrete Data Discrete random variable Discrete variable Discretion Discretionary Discretionary Account Discretionary cash flow Discretionary Fiscal Policy Discretionary Income Discretionary order Discretionary Proposition Discretionary reserves Discretionary Spending Power Discretionary trust Discriminate analysis Dishonor Disinflation Disintermediation Disinvestment Dismember Dismiss Dispatch Disposable Income Disruption Dissolution Dissonance Distinctive Competencies Distressed securities Distress Sale Distributed Distributing syndicate Distribution Distribution Allowance Distribution area Distribution by coupon Distribution by credit quality Distribution by issuer Distribution by maturity Distribution Channel Distribution Cost Distribution Cost Advantage Distribution Mix Distribution Network Distribution period Distribution plan Distributions Distribution schedule Distribution stock Distributor DITM Divergence Diversifiable risk Diversification Diversified investment company Diversified Portfolio Diversify Divest Divestiture Divide et Empera Dividend Dividend capture Dividend clawback Dividend clientele Dividend Disbursing Agent Dividend Discount Model (DDM) Dividend Discount Return Dividend distribution Dividend growth model Dividend in arrears Dividend income Dividend limitation Dividend Order Dividend Payout Ratio Dividend policy Dividend rate Dividend record Dividend Reinvestment Plan Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) Dividend requirement Dividend rights Dividend rollover plan Dividends Payable Dividends per share Dividends-received deduction Dividend trade roll-play Dividend yield (Funds) Dividend yield (Stocks) Division of Corporate Finance Division of Labor Divisor DJ DJF DK DKK DM DNR Order DO Dock Receipt Doctrine of sovereign immunity Documentary Collection Documentary collections Documentary Draft Documentation Documented Evidence Documents Against Acceptance Documents against payment Documents of Title Dog Dog and Pony Show Dogs of the Dow Doing Business As Dollar Area Dollar bears Dollar bonds Dollar cost averaging Dollar Drain Dollar duration Dollar price of a bond Dollar return Dollar roll Dollar safety margin Dollar shortage Dollar-weighted rate of return Domestic bonds Domestic corporation Domestic Exports Domestic International Sales Corporation (DISC) Domestic market Domestic series Domicile Dominant Variable Done Deal Donor Do Not Increase (DNI) Don't fight the tape DOP DOT DOTM Double auction system Double-barreled Double bottom Double Budget Double-Declining Balance Double-declining-balance depreciation Double-declining-balance depreciation method (DDB) Double-Digit Inflation Double dip Double-dip lease Double-Entry Bookkeeping Doublespeak Double-tax agreement Double taxation Double Time Double top Double up Double witching day Doubling option Dow dividend theory Dow Jones Averages Down Down-and-in option Down-and-out option Downgrade Downpayment Downplay Down round Downscale Downside Protection Downside Risk Downsize Downsizing Downstream Down Tick Downtime Downturn Down volume Dow Theory D-P Draft Draining reserves Drawback Drawdown Drawee Drawer Drawing Account Drayage Dressing up a portfolio Drill Down Drip Campaign Drip feed Drive Drive-by VC Drive Home a Point Driven Drive Time Driving Force Drop-dead day Drop-dead fee Drop lock Drop Shipping Drop, The DRP Dry Goods Dry Hole Dry Run DSCR DTC DTCC Dual banking Dual Currency Bond Dual-currency issues Dual-purpose fund Dual syndicate equity offering Dual trading Due bill Due date Due Diligence Due diligence meeting Due-on-sale clause Due on Sale Clause Due Process Due Professional Care Dumb Down Dumb Up Dummy Incorporators Dumping Dun Dun and Bradstreet Dupe Duplicate Proxy Duplicative portfolio Dupont system of financial control Durable Goods Durable merchandise Duration Duration drift Duration matching strategy Duress Dutch Auction Dutch Auction Preferred Stock Duty Duty Free Dwarfs Dwelling Dynamic Dynamical Noise Dynamical Systems Dynamic asset allocation Dynamic hedging Dysfunctional DZ DZD E Each way EAFE index Early Adopter Early distribution Early Exercise (assignment) Early Involvement Early Retirement Early withdrawal Early withdrawal penalty Earned Benefit Earned Income Earned income credit Earned surplus Earned Value Analysis Earnest Money Earning asset Earning power Earnings Earnings before interest after taxes (EBIAT) Earnings before interest and, taxes (EBIT) Earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciation (EBITD) Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) Earnings Before Taxes Earnings before taxes (EBT) Earnings Credit Rate Earnings momentum Earnings Per Share Earnings per share (EPS) Earnings-price ratio Earnings Report Earnings response coefficient Earnings retention ratio Earnings surprises Earnout Earn-out Earnup EASD Easement Easy Money Eating stock EBIAT EBIT EBITD EBITDA EBRD EBT EC ECA ECGD Echelon Eclectic paradigm ECN Ecology E-commerce Econometrics Economic assumptions Economic Base Economic Benefits Economic Cycle Economic defeasance Economic dependence Economic earnings Economic exposure Economic Factors Economic Growth Economic Growth Rate Economic income Economic Indicators Economic Life Economic Lot Size Economic order quantity (EOQ) Economic Rent Economic rents Economic risk Economics Economic Sanctions Economic shock Economic surplus Economic union Economic Value Economic value added (EVA) Economies of scale Economies of scope Economies of vertical integration Economist Economize Economy of Scale ECS ECU EDC EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval System EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering and Retrieval) Edge Act corporation Edge City Edge corporations EDI Edict Edifice Complex Education IRA EE EEK Effective Effective annual interest rate Effective annual yield Effective convexity Effective Date Effective Debt Effective duration Effective Gross Income Effective Interest Rate Effective margin (EM) Effective net worth Effective rate Effective sale Effective spread Effective tax rate Effective yield Efficiency Efficient diversification Efficient frontier Efficient market Efficient markets theory (EMT) Efficient portfolio Efficient set Efficient surface Effluent Effort EFIC EFTPOS EG EGP Egress EH Eighth[-ed] Either-or facility Either-or order Elasticity of an option Elasticity of demand Elasticity of supply Elastic Money Elect Election Period Electronic Data Interchange Electronic data interchange (EDI) Electronic depository transfers Electronic funds transfer (EFT) Electronic Funds Transfer Systems Electronic Point of Sale Electronic Queriable Carrier Elephants Elephant-Sized Project Eleven bond index Eligible Accounts Eligible bankers' acceptances Elves EM Emancipation Embargo Embezzlement Emboss Emergency fund Emergency Home Finance Act of 1970 Emerging Company Marketplace (ECM) Emerging Growth Companies Emerging Market Emerging Markets Free index (EMF) Emerging markets fund Eminent Domain Employee Employee Benefit Plans Employee contribution Employee Development Employee Manual Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Employee stock fund Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) Employer matching contribution Employment Contract Employment rate Empowerment Empty head and pure heart test Empty Nesters EMS Enabling Technologies Encroachment Encumbered Encumbrance End Game End Loan End-of-year convention Endogenous uncertainty Endogenous variable Endorse Endorsement Endowment Endowment funds End Product End User End User Documentation Energy mutual fund Engineering risk Enhance Enhanceability Enhanced indexing Enhancement Ensure Enterprise Enterprise Value Enterprise Zone Entitlements Entity Entree Entrepreneur Entropy Entry Level Job Environment Environmental fund Environmental Impact Report Environmentally Correct Environmentally Sound Environmental risk Environmental Scanning EOE EOQ EPS EPZ Equal Employment Opportunity Equalizing dividend Equal percentage contribution rule (EPCoR) Equilibrium Equilibrium exchange rate Equilibrium market price of risk Equilibrium price Equipment Equipment Financing Equipment leasing partnership Equipment Trust Certificate Equipment trust certificates Equitable Mortgage Equitable owner Equitable Ownership Equities Equity Equity cap Equity Capital Equity collar Equity contribution agreement Equity floor Equity funding Equity kicker Equity-linked Eurobonds Equity-linked policies Equity market Equity Midrisk Venture Capital Equity multiplier Equity Partnership Equity REIT Equity swap Equivalent annual annuity Equivalent annual benefit Equivalent annual cash flow Equivalent annual cost Equivalent bond yield Equivalent loan Equivalent taxable yield ER ERM Erosion Errors and Omissions ES Escalation Clause Escalator Clause Escheat Escheatment Escheat Period Escrow Escrowed to Maturity (ETM) Escrow receipt ESOP ESP Essential purpose (or function) bond Established Business Value Estate Estate planning Estate tax Estimated tax ET Et Al ETB Ethical fund Ethical Goods Ethics Ethnic Ethnic Market EU Euclidean Geometry EUR EUREX Euro Eurobank Eurobond Euro CDs Euroclear Euro-commercial paper Eurocredit market Eurocredits Eurocurrency deposit Eurocurrency market Eurodollar Eurodollar bonds Eurodollar certificate of deposit Eurodollar obligations Euroequity issues Euro lines Euro-medium term note (Euro-MTN) Euro.NM Euro-note European Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (EASDAQ) European, Australia, and Far East index (EAFE index) European Bank for Reconstruction and Development European Central Bank (ECB) European Currency Unit (ECU) European exchange rate mechanism (ERM) European Exercise European Monetary System (EMS) European option European Options Exchange (EOE) European Plan European-style exercise European-style option European terms European Union (EU) Euro straight Euroyen bonds Evaluation period Evening up Even lot Event anomalies Event driven Events of default Event study Evergreen Evergreen funding Evergreen Loan Eviction Evidence of Title Exact interest Exact matching Ex-all Ex ante return Ex ante value Excel Except for opinion Exception Exceptional Return Excess accumulation Excess contribution Excess kurtosis Excess margin Excess profits tax Excess reserves Excess return on the market portfolio Excess returns Excess Value Exchange Exchangeable Exchangeable instrument Exchangeable Security Exchange controls Exchange distribution Exchange fund Exchange members Exchange of assets Exchange offer Exchange of stock Exchange Permit Exchange privilege Exchange Rate Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) Exchange rate risk Exchange Ratio Exchange Risk Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Exchange Value Excise Duty Excise Tax Exclusionary self-tender Exclusive Exclusive Distribution Exculpatory EXDEC Ex-Dividend Ex-dividend date Execute Executed Contract Executed Copy Execution Executive Perks Executive Session Executive Summary Executor Exemplary Damages Exempt Exemption Exempt List Exempt Offering Exempt securities Exercise Exercise limit Exercise notice Exercise settlement amount Exercise value Exhaust price Exhibit Exhibition Exhortation Exim bank Exit Bond Exit fee Exits Ex-legal Exogenous Exogenous variable Exonerate Exotic option Expand Expansion Expansion Phase Expatriate Expectations Expectations hypothesis theories Expectations theory of forward exchange rates Expected dividend yield Expected future cash flows Expected future return Expected rate of inflation Expected Return Expected return-beta relationship Expected return on investment Expected Spot Rate Expected value Expected value of perfect information Expendable Expenditure Expense Expensed Expense Management Expense ratio Experience Experience rating Experts Expiration Expiration date Expiration time Expire Ex-pit transaction Explicit Bankruptcy Costs Explicit Interest Explicit tax Exploding term sheet Exploit Export Export Broker Export Commission House Export Commodity Control List Export Credit Agency Export Credit Guarantee Export Development Corp. Export Finance Insurance Corp. Export financing interest Export-import Bank (Ex-IM Bank) Export License Export management company Export Management Consultant (EMC) Export Management (or Trading) Company Exports Export Trading Company (ETC) Exposition Expost average rate of return Ex post return Exposure Exposure netting Expropriation Expunge Ex-Rights Ex-rights date Extendable bond Extendable notes Extended Guarantee Extended Price Extended Term Extension Extension date Extension Fee Extension of Credit Extent Extenuating Circumstances External Audit External Comparison External efficiency External finance External funds External market Extinct Extinction Pricing Extinguish Extortion Extra Extractive Industry Extra Dividend Extraordinary call Extraordinary Income Extraordinary item Extraordinary Loss Extraordinary positive value Extra or special dividends Extrapolative statistical models Ex-warrants Ex Works (EXW) Eyeball F Fabricated Materials Fabrication FAC Facade Face Amount Face-amount certificate Face Interest Face Value Facilitation Facility Fact Book Factoid Factor Factorage Factor analysis Factoring Factoring Commission Factor model Factor portfolio Factor Return Factory Factory Orders Factory Overhead Factory Price Fad Fail Fail-Safe Fair-and-equitable test Fair game Fair market price Fair Market Value Fairness opinion Fair price Fair price provision Fair rate of return Fair Return Fair Value Fall Down Fallen angels Fall out of bed Fallout risk False Advertising False Market Falsify Fama, Eugene F. Family Business Family Life Cycle Family of funds Far month Farm Surplus Farther out; farther in FAS FASB FASB No. 52 FASB No. 8 Fashion Goods Fast market Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Fast Track Favorable Balance of Trade Favorable Trade Balance FCA FCIA FCM FDI FDIC Feasibility Study Feasible Feasible portfolio Feasible set of portfolios Feasible target payout ratios Feature Fed Federal Federal Advisory Council (FAC) Federal agency bond Federal agency securities Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (Farmer Mac) Federal credit agencies Federal Deficit Federal deficit (surplus) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Federal Farm Credit Bank Federal Farm Credit System Federal Financing Bank Federal funds Federal funds market Federal funds rate Federal gift tax Federal Home Loan Banks Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC) Federal Housing Administration Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Federal Housing Finance Board (FHFB) Federal ID Number (or FIN) Federal Intermediate Credit Bank Federal intrafund transactions Federal Land Bank Federally related institutions Federal margin call Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Federal Reserve Act of 1913 Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Board Federal Reserve Board (FRB) Federal Reserve District (Reserve district or district) Federal Reserve float Federal Reserve notes Federal Reserve System Federal Savings and Loan Association Federal Tax Lien FedEx FED Pass Fedwire Fed Wire Fee Fee-and-commission compensation Fee-based compensation Feedback Feedback Systems Feel Good About Fee-only compensation Fee Simple Fee table FFO FHA prepayment experience FI Fiat Money FICO Fictitious credit Fidelity bond Fiduciary Fiduciary Loan Fiduciary out Field Audit (or Survey) Field Intelligence Field Research Field Staff Field warehouse Field Warehousing Loan Field Work FIFO Figure Figuring the tail File 13 Filing Fill Fill or Kill Fill or kill order (FOK) Filter FIM Final Prospectus Final Take Finance Finance Charge Finance company Finance Lease Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Financial adviser Financial analysis Financial assets Financial Close Financial control Financial distress Financial distress costs Financial Drag Financial engineering Financial Expense Financial future Financial Futures Financial guarantee insurance Financial innovation Financial institution Financial institution buyer credit policy Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 (FIRREA) Financial intermediaries Financial lease Financial leverage Financial leverage clientele Financial leverage ratios Financial Market Financial needs approach Financial objectives Financial plan Financial planner Financial planning Financial policy Financial Position Financial press Financial price risk Financial public relations Financial pyramid Financial ratio Financial risk Financial service income Financial Statement Financial statement analysis Financial strategy Financial Structure Financial supermarket Financial tables Financial Times (F-T)-Actuaries indexes Financial Year Financier Financing Agreement Financing Agreements Financing Corporation (FICO) Financing Cost Savings Financing decisions Financing Intermediaries Financing Statement Finder's fee Finders Fee Fine Paper FINEX Finish Finished Goods Finite-Life Real Estate Investment Trust (FREIT) Fire Firefighting Firewall Firm Firm anomalies Firm Commitment Underwriting Firm market Firm Offer Firm Order Firm quote Firm's net value of debt Firm-specific news Firm-specific risk FIRREA First board First call First call date First Class First In First Out First In, First Out (FIFO) First Lien (or Position) First Line Management First market First mortgage First notice day First-pass regression First preferred stock Fiscal Fiscal agency agreement Fiscal agency services Fiscal Drag Fiscal Policy Fiscal Responsibility Fiscal Year Fiscal year-end Fiscal year (FY) Fisher effect Fisher's separation theorem Fit Fitch sheet Five Cs of credit Five hundred dollar rule Five percent rule Fixation Fixed Fixed annuities Fixed Asset Fixed Assets Financing Fixed asset turnover ratio Fixed benefits Fixed Budget Fixed Charge Fixed-charge coverage ratio Fixed Cost Fixed dates Fixed Dividend Fixed-dollar obligations Fixed-dollar security Fixed Exchange Rate Fixed Fee Fixed for floating swap Fixed Income Fixed income equivalent Fixed income instruments Fixed income market Fixed-income securities Fixed premium Fixed price basis Fixed Price Contract Fixed-price tender offer Fixed Rate Fixed-rate loan Fixed-rate payer Fixed-term reverse mortgage Fixed trust Fixture Fizzle FJ FJD FK FKP Flag Flak Flameout Flank Attack Flash Flash Pack Flat Flat benefit formula Flat Income Bond Flat price (also clean price) Flat price risk Flat Rate Flat scale Flat Tax Flattening of the yield curve Flat trades Flexibilty Flexible Budget Flexible expenses Flexible mutual fund FLEX Options Flight of Capital Flight to Quality Flip-flop note Flipping Float Floatation Cost Floater Floating a Company Floating Charge Floating Currency Exchange Rate Floating Debt Floating exchange rate Floating Exchange Rates Floating exchange rate system Floating Lien Floating Rate Floating Rate Bond Floating-rate contract Floating Rate Note Floating-rate note (FRN) Floating-rate payer Floating-rate preferred Floating securities Floating supply Floor Floor broker Floorless Convertible Floor Loan Floor official Floorplan Financing Floor planning Floor trader Flotation (rotation) cost Flower bond Flow of funds Flow-through basis Flow-through method Fluctuate Fluctuation Fluctuation Limit Flurry Flush Fly-by-Night Flyer Flyspeck FM FO Focused On Focus Group FOK Fold Folio Follow Up On Footing Footsie (FTSE) For a number For-At Forbes 500 Force Majeure Force majeure risk Forecasting Foreclosure Foreign banking market Foreign base company income Foreign bond Foreign bond market Foreign branch Foreign Corporation Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Foreign Credit Insurance Association (FCIA) Foreign crowd Foreign currency Foreign currency forward contract Foreign Currency Reserve Foreign currency translation Foreign Debt Foreign Direct Investment Foreign direct investment (FDI) Foreign equity market Foreigner Foreign exchange Foreign exchange broker Foreign exchange controls Foreign exchange dealer Foreign exchange market Foreign exchange rate Foreign exchange risk Foreign exchange swap Foreign holdings Foreign Income Foreign Investment Foreign investment risk matrix (FIRM) Foreign market Foreign market beta Foreign official institutions Foreign public borrower Foreign Sales Agent Foreign Sales Corporation (FSC) Foreign-source income Foreign-targeted issue Foreign tax credit Foreman Forex Forfaiter Forfaiter (Primary) Forfaiter (Secondary) Forfaiting Forfeiting Forfeiture Forgery Form 10-K Form 10-Q Form 3 Form 4 Form 8-K Formation Expenses Form S-1 Form S-3 Form S-8 Form T Formula basis Formula Investing Fortuitous Loss Fortune 500 Forward Forward averaging Forward Commitment Forward Contract Forward cover Forward currency contract Forward delivery Forward differential Forward discount Forwarder Forward exchange Forward exchange rate Forward exchange transaction Forward Fed funds Forward foreign exchange contract Forward foreign exchange rate Forward forward contract Forward Integration Forward interest rate Forward-looking multiple Forward market Forward parity Forward premium Forward pricing Forward rate Forward rate agreement (FRA) Forward sale Forward Stock Forward trade For your information (FYI) Foul Bill of Lading Four C's Four P's Fourth market FPA FR FRA Fractal Fractal Dimension Fractal Distribution Fractal Market Hypothesis Fractional Brownian Motion Fractional coins Fractional discretion order Fractional Money Fractional Noise Fractional share Fragmented Industry Franc Franchise agreement Franchising Frankfurt Stock Exchange Fraternize Fraud Freddie Mac (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation) Free Alongside Ship (FAS) Free and Clear Free and Open Market Free box Free Carrier (FCA) Free cash flows Free delivery Freed up Free Enterprise Free float Free Good Free Indices Free Ink Free Lunch Freely floating exchange rate system Free Market Free of Particular Average Free on Board Free on board (FOB) Free Port Free reserves Free rider Free-riding Free right of exchange Free Seminar Free stock Free to trade Free Trade Free Trade Agreement Free Trade Area Free Trade Zone Freeze out Freight Freight Forwarder Freight shippers FREIT Frequency Frequency Distribution FRF Frictional cost Frictional Unemployment Friction costs Frictionless market Friendly Acquisition Friendly Debt Friendly Merger Friendly takeover Fringe Benefits Frivolous FRN Front-end load Front fee Frontline Front Money Front Office Front running Frozen Frozen Account Fry a bigger fish FSC Fudge Fudge Factor Fulfillment Full Full Boat Loan Full compensation Full Cost Full coupon bond Full Disclosure Full Employment and Balance Growth Act of 1978(Humphrey-Hawkins Act) Full Faith Full faith-and-credit obligations Full-payout lease Full price Full recourse Full-service broker Full-service lease Full Set of Bills of Lading Full trading authorization Fully depreciated Fully diluted earnings per shares Fully distributed Fully invested Fully modified pass-throughs Function Functional Functional currency Functionality Functional Obsolescence Functional Utility Value Fund Fundamental Analysis Fundamental beta Fundamental descriptors Fundamental forecasting Fundamental Information Fundamentals Fund assets Funded debt Funded Liability Funded pension plan Fund family Funding Funding ratio Funding risk Fund manager Fund of funds Funds Funds From Operations (FFO) Fund switching Fungibility Fun money Furthest month FUTOP Future Future Advances Future investment opportunities Futures Futures commission merchant (FCM) Futures Contract Futures contract multiple Futures market Futures option Futures price Future value Futurist Fuzzify Fuzzy Logic FVO (for valuation only) G GA GAAP Gadfly Gaffe Gaijin Gain Gain Sharing Galloping Inflation Gambit Game Plan Gamma Gantt Chart Gap Gap Analysis Gap Financing Gap opening Garage Garbatrage Garman-Kohlhagen option pricing model Garnishment Gatekeeper Gather in the stops Gaussian GB GBP GD GDP GDP implicit price deflator GE Gearing GEM (growing equity mortgage) General General account General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) General and Administrative Overhead General Average General Average Contribution General cash offer General Expenses General Export License General Intangibles General Ledger General Lien General loan and collateral agreement Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) General mortgage General Mortgage Bond General Obligation Bond General obligation bonds General Order General Partner General partnership General revenue General Session Generation Generation-skipping transfer or trust Generic Generic Brands Generic credit spread Generic Market Generic Name Genetic Genetic Algorithms Gentleman's Agreement Geo-Demographics Geographical Segmentation Geographic risk Geometric mean return Gestation repo Get a Handle On Get hit Get out GF GH Ghosting GI GIC Gift inter vivos Gift splitting Gift tax GIGO Gilt-Edged Gilt-edged securities Gilts Ginnie Mae Ginnie Mae pass-through Give a Comment Give a Talk Given a Mandate Give up GL Glamor stock Glamour Stock Glass Ceiling Glass-Steagall Act Glitch Global Global bonds Global Brand Global Depository Receipt Global fund Globalization Global Marketing Gloss Gloss Over Glut GM GMC GN GNMA-I GNMA-II GNMA Midget Gnomes GNP Goal Goal Congruence Go along Goals Go around Go Ballistic Godfather offer Goes Go-go fund Going ahead Going away Going Concern Basis Going Concern Concept Going-concern value Going Concern Value Going Forward Going into the trade Going long Going out Going Private Going Public Going short Going Value Gold bars Gold bond Goldbricking Goldbrick Speculation Goldbug Gold bullion Gold certificate Gold coins Golden Handcuffs Golden Handshake Golden hello Golden Parachute Golden Rule Gold exchange standard Gold Fix Gold fixing Goldilocks economy Gold mutual fund Gold Standard Go-No Go Go-No Go Decision Good delivery Good delivery and settlement procedures Good Faith Good faith deposit Good Meeting Good money Goods Goods and Services Good-this-Month order (GTM) Good through-until date order Good 'til cancelled order (GTC) Goodwill Goodwill Value Go to Government bond Government Enterprise Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae) Government obligations Governments Government Securities Government sponsored enterprises Government Transfer Payment GP GPM GQ GR Grace Period Grade Graduated call writing Graduated Lease Graduated payment Graduated-payment mortgage (GPM) Graduated security Graham and Dodd method of investing Graham-Harvey Measure 1 Graham-Harvey Measure 2 Grain Exchange Grandfather Clause Grandfathered activities Grant Grant Date Grantee Grantor Grantor Retained Income Trust (GRIT) Grantor trust Granularity Grapevine Gratis Graveyard Graveyard market Gravy Gray Collar Gray knight Gray list Gray Market Gray Scale Great call Great Confidence In Greater fool theory Green Greenback Green Card Green Eyeshade Green Field Greenmail Green Power Greenshoe option Green Shoe Option Grin Fuck Gross Gross Amount Gross Billing Gross Debt Gross Domestic Product Gross domestic product (GDP) Gross Earnings Gross estate Gross Income Gross Interest Gross lease Gross Margin Gross National Debt Gross National Product Gross National Product (GNP) Gross parity Gross per broker Gross Proceeds Gross Profit Gross profit margin Gross Sales Gross spread Gross Weight Groundbreaking Ground Floor Ground lease Ground Up Ground Zero Group Discussion Group Dynamics Group Incentives Group insurance Group of Eight (G-8) Group of Five (G-5) Group of Seven (G-7) Group of Ten Group rotation Group rotation manager Group sales Group Universal Life Policy (GULP) Grow Growing Growing Equity Mortgage (GEM) Growing perpetuity Growth and income fund Growth Fund Growth Industry Growth manager Growth opportunity Growth Patterns Growth phase Growth rates Growth Segment Growth Stock GS GT GTC GU Guarantee Guaranteed bond Guaranteed insurability Guaranteed insurance contract Guaranteed investment contract (GIC) Guaranteed Mortgage Certificates (GMC) Guaranteed renewable policy insurance Guaranteed replacement cost coverage insurance Guaranteed Sale Guarantee Fee Guaranteeing- Avalising Bank Guarantee letter Guarantor Guarantor program Guardian Guidance Gun jumping Gunslinger GW GY Gypsy Swaps FX Rate H H1B HAB Habit Buying Haggle Haircut Half-Life Half-stock Halo-Effect Hammering the market Handle Handling Allowance Handling Charge Hand Off Hands-off investor Hands-On Hands-on investor Hang Out Loan Hang Seng index Hard call protection Hard capital rationing Hard Cash Hard Copy Hard-Core Hard-Core Unemployed Hard Cost Hard Currency Hard Dollars Hard Equity Hard Goods Hard Money Hard Sell Hard Stuff Hardy Harmless warrant Hart-Scott-Rodino Act Harvey, Campbell R. Has Far Too Much Time Hatchet Man Hazard Hazardous Waste Head Head & shoulders Heartland Heavy Heavy Industry Heavy User Hedge Hedge clause Hedged portfolio Hedged tender Hedge fund Hedge quality Hedge ratio (delta) Hedge wrapper Hedgie Hedging Hedging demands Heel Heir Heir Apparent Held at the opening Held order Hell or High-Water Clause Hell-or-high-water contract Helsinki Exchanges (HEX) Hemline theory Heritage Hermes Herstatt risk Heterogeneous HEX H-H page HIBOR Hidden Agenda Hidden Assets Hidden Defect Hidden Inflation Hidden load Hidden Tax Hidden values Hierarchy of Effects High-coupon bond refunding High Credit High current income mutual fund Highest and Best Use High Flyer High-grade High-Grade Bond High-Involvement Product Highjacking High Level Highly confident letter Highly leveraged transaction (HLT) High-premium convertible debenture High price High Rise High Risk Loan Highs High Technology High-tech stock High Tech Stock High withholding tax interest income High yield High-yield bond Hire Hired Gun Hire Purchase Histogram Historical Cost Historical Cost Accounting Convention Historical exchange rate Historical trading range Historical volatility Historical Yield Hit and Run Hit List Hit the bid Hit the ribbon HK HKD HKFE HLT HM HN HNL Hold Holdback Holder Holder in Due Course Holder of Record Holder of record date Holding Company Holding Company Bank Holding period Holding-period return Holding-Period Yield (HPY) Holding the market Holistic Holistic Evaluation Home asset bias Homemade dividend Homemade leverage Home Office Homeowner's equity account Homeowner's insurance policy Home run Homework Homogeneity Homogeneous Homogeneous expectations assumption Homogenization Hong Kong Futures Exchange (HKFE) Honorarium Horizon analysis Horizon matching strategy Horizon return Horizontal Horizontal acquisition Horizontal analysis Horizontal Integration Horizontal Marketing Horizontal merger Horizontal price movement Horizontal Publication Horizontal spread Hospitality Industry Hospital revenue bond Host Hostile Takeover Host security Hot Hot Issue Hot Money Hot Property Hot Spots Hot Stock House House account House Air Waybill (AWB) House Brand House call Household House maintenance requirement House Mark House of issue House Organ House poor House rules Housing bond Housing Starts HR HRK HT HTG HU Hubris Huckster HUF Hulbert rating Human capital Humphrey-Hawkins Act Hung up Hunkering down Hurdle Rate Hurst Exponent(H) Hush Money Hybrid Hybrid annuity Hybrid security Hybrid Technology Hype Hyper Hyperinflation Hypermarket Hypothecation Hypothesis Hysteresis I IBC's money fund report average IBES IBF I-bonds IBRD IC ICC Iceberg Principle Icebreaker ID IDC Ideal Identified shares Identity Idiosyncratic Risk Idle Idle Money IDR IE IEP IFC I-I page IL Illegal Contracts Illegal dividend Illegible Illegitimate Illiquid Illiterate ILS Image Image Selling Image Study Imbalance of orders IMF Imitation IMM Immediate family Immediate or canceled order (IOC order) Immediate payment annuity Immediate settlement Immune System Immunity Immunization Immunization strategy Impact Impaired capital Impaired Credit Impair Investment Impasse Imperfect Market Implementation Implicate Implication Implicit Bankruptcy Costs Implicit tax Implied call Implied Consent Implied repo rate Implied volatility Implied Warranty Implode Import-Export Financing Import-export letters of credit Import License Import Quota Import substitution development strategy Impose Impound Impregnate Impression Imprest Fund Imprimatur Improve Improved Land Improvements Improvise Impulse Buying Imputation tax system Imputed Interest Imputed value IN In Absentia Inactive asset Inactive post Inactive stock-bond Inadvertent Errors In & out In-and-out trader In between Inbound In Camera Incentive Incentive fee Incentive Marketing Incentive Stock Option (ISO) Incentive Stock Options Incestuous share dealing Incipient default Income Approach Income baskets Income beneficiary Income Bond Income Distribution Income dividend Income exclusion rule Income Fund Income immunization strategies Income investment company Income limited partnership Income Policies Income Property Income risk Income Statement Income statement (statement of operations) Income stock Income Stream Income tax Incompetent In competition Incontestability clause Inconvertibility Inconvertible Money Incorporated joint venture Incorporation Incoterms Increment Incremental Incremental cash flows Incremental cost of capital Incremental costs and benefits Incremental internal rate of return Incubator Indemnification Indemnify Indemnity Indenture Independent auditor Independent broker Independent investments Independent project Independent variable In Depth Index Index and Option Market (IOM) Index arbitrage Indexation Indexed bond Indexed Loan Indexed rate Indexed Stock Options Index fund Index futures Indexing Indexing plus Index Lease Index method Index model Index option Index Rate Index swap Index warrant Indicated dividend Indicated yield Indication Indication of interest Indication pricing schedule Indicator Indicators Indifference curve Indirect Claim Indirect Collection Indirect Cost Indirect costs of financial distress Indirect diversification benefits Indirect Exchange Rate Indirect Labor Indirect method Indirect quote Indirect Tax Indirect terms Individually Validated Export License Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Individual Retirement Account (IRA) rollover Individual tax return Inducement Inductive Reasoning Industrial Industrial Advertising Industrial Development Authority Industrial Espionage Industrial Goods Industrial Loan Industrial Park Industrial production Industrial Property Industrial Revenue Bond Industrial revenue bond (IRB) Industrials Industrial Time Sale Industry Industry allocation Industry Profile Industry Standard Inefficient portfolio Ineligible Accounts Inept Inert Infant industry argument Infer Inferior Product Inflation Inflation accounting Inflationary Pressures Inflation-escalator clause Inflation hedge Inflation-indexed securities Inflation Rate Inflation risk Inflation uncertainty Inflexible expenses Information Advertising Information Agent Informational efficiency Information asymmetry Information Coefficient (IC) Information content effect Information costs Informationless trades Information memorandum Information-motivated trades Information Ratio Information services Information Signaling Information Systems (IS) Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure Infrastructure risk Infringement Ingot Ingress In hand Inherent Inheritance tax return In-house In House In-house processing float Initial filing Initial margin Initial margin requirement Initial Public Offering Initial public offering (IPO) Initial Public Offering Spinning Initiate coverage Initiative Injunction In Kind Inland Bill of Lading In-line Innovation Innovators In Perpetuity In play Input Input-output tables Inquiry INR Insecurity Clause In-service withdrawal Inside Information Inside market Insider information Insiders Insider Trading Insider Trading Sanctions Act of 1984 Insider Trading & Securities Fraud Enforcement Act of 1988 (ITSFEA) Inside Track Insolvency risk Insolvent In Sourced Inspector(s) of Election Inspector's or Judge's Certificate Installment Credit Installment Financing Installment payments Installment sale Instinet (Institutional Networks Corporation) Institutional broker Institutional Brokers' Estimate System (IBES) Institutional Financing Institutional Investors Institutionalization Institutional Sales Institutions Instrument Instrumentality Instruments In-substance defeasance Insurable Interest Insurable Title Insurable Value Insurance Insurance agent Insurance broker Insurance claim Insurance dividend Insurance policy Insurance premium Insurance principle Insurance settlement Insured Insured account Insured bond Insured plans Insured Trade Acceptance Intangible Intangible asset Intangible Value Integer programming Integrate Integrated Communications Integrated financial market Integration Integration Testing Intellectual Property Intellectual property rights Intentions Interactive Marketing Interbank market Interbank rate Interbank spread Intercommodity spread Intercompany loan Intercompany transaction Interdelivery spread Interest Interest coverage ratio Interest coverage test Interest deduction Interest during construction Interest equalization tax Interest expense Interest in Arrears Interest on interest Interest-Only Loan Interest-only strip (IO) Interest payments Interest Rate Interest rate agreement Interest rate cap Interest rate ceiling Interest rate floor Interest rate futures contract Interest rate on debt Interest rate parity line (IRP) Interest rate parity theorem Interest rate risk Interest rate swap Interest-sensitive insurance policy Interest-sensitive stock Interest subsidy Interest tax shield Interface Interfund transactions Interim Interim dividend Interim Financing Interim rate of return Interim statement Interim Statements Interlocking directorate Intermarket sector spread Intermarket spread swaps Intermarket Surveillance Information System (ISIS) Intermarket Trading System Intermarket Trading System (ITS) Intermediary Intermediated market Intermediate Goods Intermediate targets Intermediate-term Intermediate trend Intermediation Intermittency Internal Audit Internal auditor Internal Comparison Internal expansion Internal finance Internal Financing Internal growth rate Internally efficient market Internal market Internal measure Internal Rate of Return Internal rate of return (IRR) Internal Revenue Code Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 International International arbitrage International Asset Pricing Model (IAPM) International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) International Banking Facility (IBF) International bonds International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Depository Receipt (IDR) International Development Association (IDA) International diversification International Finance Corporation (IFC) International finance subsidiary International Fisher effect International Fisher relationship International fund International market International market index International Monetary Fund International Monetary Fund (IMF) International Monetary Market (IMM) International monetary system International mutual fund International Organization for Standardization International Petroleum Exchange (IPE) International Security Market Association (ISMA) International Stock Exchange of the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland (ISE) International Swap Dealers Association (ISDA) Interoperability Interpolation Interpositioning Interstate Interstate Commerce Interview Inter vivos trust Intestate In the box In the hole In the middle In-the-money In-the-money option In the Tank In touch with Intrabudgetary transactions Intracommodity spread Intracompany trade Intraday Intramarket sector spread Intrastate Commerce Intrastate Offering Intrinsic Value Intrinsic value of a firm Intrinsic value of an option Inventory Inventory Build-Up Inventory Financing Inventory Lien Inventory Loan Inventory Turnover Inverse floater Inverse floating-rate note Inverse order Inverse Relationship Inverted market Inverted scale Inverted yield curve Investible Indices Investment Investment adviser Investment Advisers Act Investment advisory service Investment agreement Investment analysts Investment Bank Investment Banker Investment certificate Investment climate Investment club Investment Company Investment Company Act of 1940 Investment Company Institute (ICI) Investment decisions Investment Expenditures Investment Grade Investment-grade bonds Investment history Investment income Investment letter Investment Life Cycle Investment management Investment manager Investment Memorandum Investment objective Investment opportunity set Investment philosophy Investment policy Investment Portfolio Investment product line (IPL) Investment Property Investment Risk Investments Investment software Investment strategy Investment strategy committee Investment Tax Credit Investment Trust Investment Valuation Model (IVM) Investment Value Investor Investor fallout Investor relations Investors Investor's equity Investors service bureau Invisible Hand Invoice Invoice billing Invoice date Invoice price Involuntary liquidation preference IO IOC order IOM IPL IPO IPO Spinning IQ IQD IR IRA-Keogh accounts IRB Ironclad IRR Irrational call option Irredeemable bond Irregulars Irrelevance result Irrevocable Irrevocable letter of credit Irrevocable Trust IS ISDA Is Hot ISK Islamic Loan ISMA ISO ISO 9000 Issue Issued share capital Issuer Issues Issuing bank Istanbul Stock Exchange IT Italian Derivatives Market (IDEM) Italian Exchange (Borsa Italiana) Italian Stock Exchange (ISE) Itemized deduction ITL ITM ITS J Jakarta Stock Exchange January effect Japanese Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (Jasdaq) Jasdaq Jawboning J-curve Jeep Jensen index Jet Lag Jettison Employees Jingle JM JMD JO Job Jobber Job Lot Job Ready JOD Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) Joint account Joint and Several Liability Joint and survivor annuity Joint bond Joint clearing members Joint float Jointly and severally Joint Stock Company Joint tax return Joint Tenancy Joint tenants with right of survivorship Joint Venture Jonestown defense Joseph Effect Journal Journeymen JP JPY JSE Judgement Judicial Foreclosure Judicial Sale Juggling the Books Jumbo Certificate of Deposit Jumbo loan Jump ball Junior debt (subordinate debt) Junior issue Junior Lien Junior mortgage Junior refunding Junior security Junk Bond Junk Mail Jurisdiction Jury of executive opinion Jury Rigged Justified Price Just in Time Just-in-time inventory systems Just title Just Value K Kaffirs Kaizen Kanban Kangaroos Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT) Kappa Karachi Stock Exchange KCBT KE Keiretsu Keogh plan KES Key Account Key Code Key industry Key Lot Key Man Insurance Key man (or woman) insurance Keynesian economics Keynote Key Performance Indicator Keystone Keystone Markup KG KGS KH KHR KI Kickback Kicker Kiddie tax Kill Killer bees Killing Kill the Messenger KISS Kiting KLCE KLOFFE KLSE KM KMF KN Knocking Copy Knock-out option Know-How Knowledge Driven Know your customer Kondratieff Wave Korea Stock Exchange KP KPW KR Kruggerand KRW Kuala Lumpur Commodities Exchange (KLCE) Kuala Lumpur Options and Financial Futures Exchange (KLOFFE) Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) Kudos Kurtosis KW KWD KY KYD KZ KZT L LA Lab Labor Labor Burden Labor Force Labor Intensive Labor Market Labor Pool Labor Productivity Labor Relations Labor Turnover Lackey Ladder strategy Lady Macbeth Strategy Laffer curve Lag Lagging Lagging Indicator Lagging indicators Lag response of prepayments Laisse-faire Laissez-Faire Economy LAK Lambda Lame Duck Land Land Banking Land Contract Land Lease Landlocked Landlord Landmark Lapse Lapsed option Large-cap Last In First Out Last in, first out (LIFO) Last sale Last split Last trading day Late charge Latent default Latent Defect Latent Demand Late tape Late trading Latitude Launch Launder Law Day Lawful Interest Lawful Money Law of large numbers Law of one price Lay Audience Layoff Lay off Layup LB LBO LBP LC LCL LDC LDs Lead Lead arranger Lead bank Leader Leading Leading and lagging Leading economic indicators Leading Indicator Leading the market Lead Investor Lead Lender Lead Manager Lead pipe Lead regulator Lead Time Lead underwriter League tables Leakage Leaner Lean Operation Leapfrog LEAPS Lease Lease acquisition cost Leaseback Leased Department Lease Financing Leasehold Leasehold improvement Leasehold Value Lease-purchase agreement Lease Purchase Agreement Lease rate Lease term Leasing Leaves Ledger Ledger cash Leg Legal Legal Age Legal bankruptcy Legal capital Legal defeasance Legal Description Legal entity Legal Holiday Legal investments Legal List Legal monopoly Legal Name Legal Notice Legal opinion Legal Reserve Legal risk Legal Tender Legal transfer Legend Stock Legion Legislative risk Legitimate Legs Leg Up Lehman Brothers Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Index Lehman Brothers Aggregate Bond Index Lehman Brothers California Municipal Bond Index Lehman Brothers Corporate Bond Index Lehman Brothers Government Bond Index Lehman Brothers Government-Corporate Bond Index Lehman Brothers Mortgage-Backed Securities Index Lehman Brothers Municipal Bond Index Lehman Brothers New York Municipal Bond Index Lemon Lemons problem Lend Lendable funds Lender Lender liability lawsuits Lender of Last Resort Lending agreement Lending at a premium Lending at a rate Lending securities Leptokurtosis Less Developed Countries Less-developed countries (LDCs) Lessee Lessons Learned Lessor Less Than Container Load Letter Agreements Letter of Administration Letter of comment Letter of Commitment Letter of Credit Letter of credit (LOC) Letter of Guarantee Letter of Intent Letter of Testamentary Letter of Transmittal Letter stock Level Level-coupon bond Level debt service Level load Level of Market Penetration Level of Service Level pay Level term insurance Leverage Leverage clientele Leveraged beta Leveraged Buyout Leveraged buyout (LBO) Leveraged company Leveraged equity Leveraged investment company Leveraged lease Leveraged portfolio Leveraged recapitalization Leveraged required return Leveraged stock Leverage ratios Leverage rebalancing Levered portfolio Levy LI Liability Liability funding strategies Liability Insurance Liability swap Liable Liaison Libel Libertarianism LIBOR License agreement License Plate Analysis Licensing Licensing Agreement Lien Life Life annuity Life Cycle Life Estate Life Expectancy Life insurance Life insurance in force Life insurance policy Lifelong Learning Lifestyle Lifestyle Segmentation Life Tenant Lifetime reverse mortgage LIFFE LIFO Lift Lifted Lifting a leg Lighten up Light Industry Lima Stock Exchange Limit Limitation on asset dispositions Limitation on conversion Limitation on liens Limitation on merger, consolidation, or sale Limitation on sale-and-leaseback Limitation on subsidiary borrowing Limit Cycles Limited Company Limited discretion Limited Distribution Limited flexibility exchange rate system Limited Guaranty Limited liability Limited Liability Company Limited-liability instrument Limited Order Limited partner Limited Partnership Limited payment policy Limited price order Limited Production Limited recourse Limited risk Limited-tax general obligation bond Limited warranty Limit on close order Limit order Limit order book Limit order information system Limit price Limit up, limit down Limit Up (or Down) Limp Line Linear programming Linear regression Line Extension Line Filling Line Function Line Level Line Management Line Manager Line of Balance Line of Code Line of Credit Lingo Linking method Lintner's observations Lipper Mutual Fund Industry Average Liquid Liquid asset Liquid Assets Liquidate Liquidated Damages Liquidated Debt Liquidating dividend Liquidation Liquidation by assignment Liquidation rights Liquidation Value Liquidator Liquidity Liquidity Agreements Liquidity diversification Liquidity Fund Liquidity preference hypothesis Liquidity premium Liquidity Ratios Liquidity risk Liquidity theory of the term structure Liquid market Liquid yield option note (LYON) Lisbon Stock Exchange (LSE) List Broker Listed Company Listed firm Listed option Listed security Listed stocks Listing Listing Application Listing broker Listing requirements List Management Litigate Litmus Test Living benefits Living trust Living will LK LKR Lloyds of London Load Load Build Loaded Load fund Load spread option Load-to-load Loan Loan Agreement Loan amortization schedule Loan Application Loan Commitment Loan Correspondent Loan Coverage Loan crowd Loaned flat Loan Package Loan Portfolio Loan Preference Principle Loan Schedule Loan Servicing Loan Shark Loan Sources Loan syndication Loan Term Loan to Value Ratio Loan-to-value ratio (LTV) Loan Value Lobby Lobbyist LOC Local Local Development Corporation Local expectations hypothesis (LEH) Local expectations theory Local taxes Locational arbitrage Location-specific advantages Lock Lockbox Locked In Locked market Lock in Lockout Lock-out Lock-up CDs Lockup option Locus Log-linear least-squares method Lognormal distribution Lombard rate London Commodity Exchange (LCE) London Interbank Bid Rate (LIBID) London Interbank Offered Rate London Inter-Bank Offer Rate London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) London Metal Exchange (LME) London Stock Exchange (LSE) Long Long Bond Long bonds Long Coupon Long coupons Long Green Long Haul Long hedge Long leg Long market value Long position Long position in an option Long run Long straddle Long-Term Long-Term Anticipation Securities (LEAPS) Long-Term Asset Long-term assets Long-term capital gain Long-term debt Long-term debt-capitalization Long-term debt ratio Long-term debt-to-equity ratio Long-term financial plan Long-term financing Long-term forward contracts Long-term gain Long-term goals Long-term investor Long-Term Lease Long-term liabilities Long-Term Loan Long-term loss Look Look and Feel Lookback option Look-thru Loophole Loose credit Loss Loss Carry-Back (Carry-Forward) Loss-control activities Loss Leader Loss-of-income insurance Loss-Payable Endorsement Loss payee Loss ratio Lost Opportunity Lots Louvre Accord Low Low balance method Low ball Low Bidder Low-coupon bond refunding Lower Limit Lower Management Low Grade Low-Involvement Product Low Level Low-load fund Low Point Low price Low price-earnings ratio effect Low Tech LP LR LRD LS LSL LT LTL LTV LU Lucrative LUF Lump Sum Lump-sum distribution Lump Sum Purchase Luxury Luxury Tax LV LVL LY Lyapunov Exponents LYD LYON M M1 M-1, M-2 and M-3 M2 M3 MA MAB Macaroni defense Macaulay duration Macro Macroassessment Macro country risks Macroeconomics Macroenvironment MAD Madison Avenue Madrid Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Madrid) Magic of diversification Mail Delay Mail float Mailing Date Mail Order Main Street Maintainability Maintenance Maintenance call Maintenance Fee Maintenance margin Maintenance margin requirement Maintenance Marketing Majority Majority shareholder Majority voting Major Objectives Major Player Make a market Make Good Make or Buy Maker Makes Sense Make-up Make whole provision Making a Market Making delivery Malaysia Commodity Exchange Malicious Maloney Act Malpractice Manage Managed account Managed Economy Managed float Managed Floating Managed Futures Managed Obsolescence Manage Expectations Management Management Agreements Management Audit Management buying Management buyout (MBO) Management by Crisis Management by Exception Management by Objectives Management-closely held shares Management contract Management Cycle Management Discretion Management fee Management Information System Management Inventory Management's discussion and analysis (MD&A) Management Style Management Succession Management Team Manager Managerial decisions Managerial flexibility Managing underwriter Mandate Mandatory convertibles Mandatory redemption schedule Man-hour Manifest Manifesto Manipulation Manmonth Manufactured housing securities (MHS) Manufacturers' Representatives Manufacturing Overhead Manufacturing Rights Manufacturing Technology Man-year Maple Leaf Maquiladora Margin Margin Account Margin account (stocks) Margin agreement Marginal Marginal Activity Marginal Borrower Marginal Cost Marginal efficiency of capital Marginal Lender Marginal Revenue Marginal Tax Rate Marginal utility Margin Call Margin Creep Margin department Margin of Profit Margin of Safety Margin requirement Margin requirement (options) Margin security Margin stock Margin trading Marine Cargo Insurance Marine Insurance Marital deduction Marital trust Maritime Markdown Marked-to-market Market Marketability Marketable Securities Marketable Title Market Analysis Market Approach Market Area Market Assessment Market-based corporate governance system Market-based forecasting Market-book ratio Market break Market capitalization Market capitalization rate Market check Market clearing Market conversion price Market correction Market cycle Market Demand Market Diversification Market Driven Market Economy Marketed claims Market Evolution Market Exploration Market Eye Market failure Market Follower Market Forces Market Growth Market Identification Market Identity Market-if-touched (MIT) Market impact costs Market index Marketing Marketing Control Marketing Mix Marketing Model Marketing Planning Marketing Research Marketing Strategy Market interest rate Market internalization advantages Market jitters Market Leader Market letter Market Maker Market microstructure Market model Market Neutral Market Niche Market Not Held Order Market-on-Close (MOC) order Market opening Market Order Market order go-along-participating Market Oriented Company Market out clause Market overhang Market Penetration Market penetration-share Market Performance Committee (MPC) Marketplace Marketplace price efficiency Market portfolio Market Potential Market Price Market price of risk Market prices Market Rate Market Rent Market Research Market return Market risk Market RRR (required rate of return) Schedule Market Saturation Market sectors Market Segmentation Market segmentation theory Market Share Market sweep Market timer Market Timing Market timing 1. Market timing 2. Market timing costs Market tone Market Trends Market Value Market value ratios Market value-weighted index Market Volume Marking to market Marking up or down Markovian Dependence Markowitz diversification Markowitz efficient frontier Markowitz efficient portfolio Markowitz efficient set of portfolios Markowitz, Harry Marks and Numbers Mark Signature Mark-to-market Mark to the Market Markup Markup Pricing Mark-Up Pricing Marriage penalty Married put Married Put Strategy Marrried Put and Stock Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Massage Mass Appeal Mass Communication Mass Market Mass Media Mass Production Master Master Air Waybill (MAB) Master Lease Master limited partnership (MLP) Master pension plan Master Plan Matador market Matched and lost Matched book Matched maturities Matched orders Matched Sale Purchase Transactions Matched sale transaction Match-fund Matching concept Material Material Adverse Change or Effect Materiality Materials Handling Materials requirement planning Mathematical programming Matif SA Matrix Management Matrix trading Mature Matured noninterest-bearing debt Mature Economy Maturity Maturity Date Maturity Factoring Maturity phase Maturity spread Maturity value Maven Maximize Maximum capital gains mutual fund Maximum expected return criterion (MERC) Maximum price fluctuation Maximum return criterion (MRC) May Day May expand MBO MBSCC MBS depository MBS servicing MC MD MDA MDL Meals and entertainment expense Mealy-mouthed Mean Meaningful Downturn Mean of the sample Mean return Mean-variance analysis Mean-variance criterion Mean-variance efficient portfolio Measurable Success Indicators Measured Measurement error Measurement Noise Mechanics' Lien Medallion Stamp Program Media Media Analysis Media Broker Media Buy Media Kit Median Median market cap Media Plan Media Research Media Testing Mediation Mediocre Medium of Exchange Medium term Medium-Term Bond Medium-Term Guarantee Program Medium-term note Meeting of the Minds Meet Our Competition Method Meff Renta Fija Meff Renta Variable Megabucks Melon Meltdown Member bank Member firm Membership or a seat on the exchange Member short sale ratio Memento Menu Mercantile Mercantile agency Mercato Italiano Futures (MIF) Merchandise Merchandise Returns Merchandise Trade Balance Merchandising Merchant Merchant bank Mercosur Merc, the Merger Merger Arbitrage Merit Rating Metamorphosis Metaphor Method of payment Me-Too Mexican Stock Exchange Mezzanine bracket Mezzanine Financing Mezzanine level MG MGF MH MHS Micro Microassessment Micro-cap stock Micro country risks Microeconomics Micro-Macro Dilemma Micromanage Micromarket Micromerchandising Mid cap Mid-cap SPDRs Middleman Middle Management Middle Market Manufacturing Exporter (MMME) Midget Midmarket Migration Path Milan Stock Exchange Milestones Milk Milking Miller and Modigliani's irrelevance proposition Miller, Merton Mimic Mineral Rights Mini-manipulation Minimize Minimum maintenance Minimum price fluctuation Minimum purchases Minimum-variance frontier Minimum-variance portfolio Minor Minority interest Minority-Owned Businesses Minority Shareholder Mint Mint Ratio Minus Minus tick MIP Misery Index Misfeasance Misinformation Mismanagement Mismatch bond Misnomer Misrepresent Mission Missionary Work Mission Statement Miss the price-market MIT Mitigate Mitigating Circumstances Mitigation of Damages Mixed account Mixed bag Mixed Cost Mixed forecasting Mixed Signals Mixed Use MK MKD ML MLP MM MMDA MMK MMME MN MNC MNT MO Mobilize Mob spread MOC Mock trading Mode Modeling Modernization Modern portfolio theory Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) Modified duration Modified pass-throughs Modigliani and Miller Proposition I Modigliani and Miller Proposition II Modus Operandi Mogul Mom and Pop Store Momentum Momentum indicators MONEP (Marche des Options Negociables de Paris) Monetarist Monetary Monetary assets and liabilities Monetary Base Monetary Control Act of 1980 (MAC) Monetary gold Monetary indicators Monetary-non-monetary method Monetary Policy Monetary Reserve Monetization Monetize the debt Money Money at Call Money base Money Center Bank Money center banks Money management Money manager Money Market Money Market Demand Account (M.M.D.A.) Money Market Fund Money market hedge Money Market Instruments Money market notes Money Market Rates Money market security Money market yield Money Measurement Concept Money order Money purchase plan Money rate of return Money Rates Money Sources Money Supply Money Talks Monitor Monitoring Monopoly Monopsony Monte Carlo simulation Monthly income preferred security (MIP) Monthly investment plan Montreal Exchange-Bourse de Montreal Moody's investment grade Moody's Investors Service Moonlighting MOP Morale Moral hazard Moral obligation bond Moratorium Morbidity More Competitive More flexible exchange rate system Morgan Stanley Capital International Emerging Markets Global Index Morgan Stanley Capital International Europe, Australia, Far East Index Morgan Stanley Capital International Europe Index Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Morgan Stanley Capital International Pacific Free index Morgan Stanley Capital International World Index (MSCI World Index) Morgan Stanley REIT Index Morningstar rating system Mortality Rate Mortality tables Mortgage Mortgage-Backed Securities Clearing Corporation (MBSCC) Mortgage-backed securities (MSBs) Mortgage Banker Mortgage bond Mortgage broker Mortgage duration Mortgagee Mortgage Insurance Mortgage interest deduction Mortgage life insurance Mortgage pass-through security Mortgage pipeline Mortgage-pipeline risk Mortgage pool Mortgager Mortgage rate Mortgage REIT Mortgage servicing Mortgage Value Mortgagor MOS Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) Most active list Most distant futures contract Most Favored Nation Motion Study Motivation Motivational Research Mouthpiece Movement Move On Movers and Shakers Moving average MP MQ MR MRO MRQ MS MSCI MT MTL MTN MU MUD Mugshot Multi-Billion Dollar Firm Multibrand Strategy Multibuyer policy Multicurrency clause Multicurrency loans Multifactor CAPM Multifamily Housing Multifamily loans Multilateral Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) Multilateral netting system Multilingual Multimarketing Multimedia Multinational corporation (MNC) Multinational netting Multinational restructuring Multinationals Multi-option financing facility Multiperiod immunization Multiple Multiple Arbitrage Multiple Branding Multiple-discriminant analysis (MDA) Multiple-issuer pools Multiple listing Multiple peril insurance Multiple rates of return Multiple regression Multiples Multiplier Multirule system Municipal Municipal Bond Municipal bond fund Municipal bond insurance Municipal improvement certificate Municipal Investment Trust (MIT) Municipal notes Municipal revenue bond MUR Murphy's Law Mushroomed Mutilated security Mutual association Mutual company Mutual exclusion doctrine Mutual Fund Mutual fund cash-to-assets ratio Mutual fund custodian Mutual fund theorem Mutually exclusive investment decisions Mutual offset Mutual Savings Bank MV MVR MW MWK MX MXN MY Myopic MYR Mystique Myth MZ MZM N NA NAD Naderite Nadir Nagoya Stock Exchange Naive Naive diversification Naked option strategies Naked Position Naked strategies Naked writer Named perils insurance Nano Narrow-Based Narrowing the spread Narrow market NASD NASDAQ Nasdaq small-capitalization companies Nasdaq stock market NASD form FR-1 National National Association of Investors Corporation National Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotation System (Nasdaq) National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) National Bank National Brand National Bureau of Standards National Credit Union Administration National Debt National Foundation for Consumer Credit National Futures Association (NFA) National Income Nationalization Nationalize National Launch National market National Market Advisory Board National Market System (NMS) National Quotation Bureau National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) National Stock Exchange (NSE) National tax policy National Wealth Natural Natural Business Year Natural logarithm Natural Monopoly Natural Resources NAV NAV Arbitrage NC NE Nearby Nearby futures contract Nearest month Near Money Near Term Need Satisfaction Negate Negative amortization Negative carry Negative Cash Flow Negative Comments Negative convexity Negative covenant Negative duration Negative Growth Negative Income Negative Income Tax Negative Net Worth Negative NPV tie-in project Negative obligation Negative Pledge Negative pledge clause Negative Working Capital Negative yield curve Neglected firm effect Negligence Negligible Negotiable Negotiable bill of lading Negotiable certificates of deposit Negotiable Instrument Negotiable Order of Withdrawal Account (NOW) Negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW) Negotiate Negotiated certificate of deposit Negotiated commission Negotiated markets Negotiated offering Negotiated Price Negotiated sale Negotiated underwriting Neighbor Mix Neo Nepotism Nest Egg Net Net adjusted present value Net advantage of refunding Net advantage to leasing Net advantage to merging Net after-tax gain Net Assets Net Asset Value Net asset value arbitrage Net asset value (NAV) Net benefit to leverage factor Net Book Value Net capital requirement Net cash balance Net Change Net Cost Net currency exposure Net Current Assets Net Domestic Product Net errors and omissions Net exposed assets Net Face Amount Net financing cost Net float Net Income Net income per share of common stock Net interest cost (NIC) Net Investment Net investment income per share Net Lease Net Loss Net Margin Net monetary assets Net Net Net Net Net Net Operating Income Net operating loss carrybacks Net operating loss carryforwards Net operating losses Net operating margin Net parity Net period Net position Net Present Value Net present value (NPV) Net present value of future investments Net present value of growth opportunities Net present value rule Net Proceeds Net Profit Net Profit Margin Net Quick Assets Net realized capital gains per share Net Revenue Net Sales Net sales transaction Net salvage value Net tangible assets per share Netting Netting out Net transaction Net transaction exposure Net Weight Network A-Network B Net working capital Net Worth Net Yield Neural Nets Neurotic neutral Neutral hedge Neutral period Neutral stock New account report New and Improved New Deal New Economy New European Exchange (NEWEX) New high-new low New Issue New-issues market New listing Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs) New Money New Product Development New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE) New York Futures Exchange (NYFE) New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) New York Stock Exchange New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) New Zealand Stock Exchange Next day settlement Next futures contract Nexus (of contracts) NF NFA NG NGN NI NIC Niche Nichemanship Niche Market Nickel and Dime NIF Nifty Fifty Nikkei Nikkei stock average Nine-bond rule NIO NL NLG NM NMS NO No-action letter No Adjournment Noah Effect NOBO (Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner) No book No-brainer NOB spread Noise Noisy Chaos NOK No-load fund No Load Fund No-load mutual fund No-load stock Nominal Nominal annual rate Nominal Asset Nominal Capital Nominal cash flow Nominal dollars Nominal exchange rate Nominal exercise price Nominal income Nominal interest rate Nominal Loan Rate Nominal price Nominal quotation Nominal Rate Nominal Value Nominal yield Nominee Nominee Name Nonaccredited investor Noncallable Noncash charge Non-Cash Expense Nonclearing member Noncompete Noncompete-Nondisclosure Agreement Noncompetitive bid Noncompetitive tender Non-Conforming Loan Nonconforming Unit Nonconformity Noncontributory pension plan Noncumulative Noncumulative preferred stock Noncurrent Asset Noncurrent Liability Nondeductible contribution Nondeliverable Forward Contracts (NDF) Non-Discretionary Proposal Nondiscretionary trust Nondiversifiability of human capital Nondiversifiable risk Nondurable Goods Nonempirical Validity Non-Equity Option Non-Expense Cash Disbursement Nonfeasance Nonfinancial assets Nonfinancial services Noninsured plans Noninterest-bearing note Nonintermediated debt market Nonjudicial Foreclosure Nonliquid Nonmarketable security Nonmarketed claims Nonmember bank Nonmember firm Nonmonetary assets and liabilities Nonnegotiable Instrument Non-Owner Occupied Property Nonparallel shift in the yield curve Nonparticipating life insurance policy Nonperformance Nonperforming asset Non-Prime Accounts Nonproductive loan Nonprofit Nonpublic information Nonpurpose loan Nonqualified plan Nonqualifying annuity Nonqualifying stock option Nonrated Nonrecourse Nonrecourse Debt Non-Recourse Finance Nonrecourse loan Nonrecurring Charge Nonredeemable Nonrefundable Nonrenewable Nonreproducible assets Nonsterilized intervention Nonstock Corporation Nonstore Retailing Nonsystematic risk Nontradables Nontraditional Nonverbal Communication Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC) Nonvoting Stock No-par-value stock No Protest Norm Normal annuity form Normal backwardation theory Normal Curve Normal deviate Normal Distribution Normal growth firms Normal investment practice Normalized earnings Normalizing method Normal Market Size (NMS) Normal portfolio Normal Price Normal probability distribution Normal Profit Normal random variable Normal retirement Normal trading unit Normal Wear and Tear North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) No Substitution Not a name with us Notarize Notary Public Note Note agreement Note issuance facility (NIF) Note Loan Notes Payable Notes Receivable Notes to the financial statements Not for Attribution Not-for-profit Not held order (NH order) Notice Notice day Notice of Default Notice of Meeting Notice of Sale Notice Period Notice to Quit Notification date Notifying Bank Notional principal amount Notorious Possession Not rated Not-sufficient-funds check Nouveau Marche Novation Novel Novice NOW NP NPO NPR NPV NPV profile NR NRA (Non-Resident Alien) Tax NTE NU Nugget Null and Void Number Cruncher Numismatist NYSE NYSE composite index NZ NZD O OAS Oath of Inspectors Obfuscate Object and Task Technique Objective (mutual funds) Objective probability Objectives Objective Value Object-Oriented Design (OOD) Obligation Obligation bond Obligor Obscene Observational Noise Obsolescence Obvious OCC Occupancy Agreement Occupancy Rate Occupation Occupational Disease Occupational Hazard Ocean Bill of Lading Odd Lot Odd-Lot Buy Back Odd-lot dealer Odd-Lot Resale Odd-lot short-sale ratio Odd-lot theory OECD OEX index Off-balance-sheet financing Off-Balance Sheet Financing Off-board Off-budget Federal entities Off-Card Rate Offer Offer and Acceptance Offering Offering Circular Offering Date Offering memorandum Offerings Offering scale Offering statement Offer price Offer wanted Off-floor order Office Holder Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Office Politics Officer Official Official reserves Official settlements balance (overall balance) Official statement Official unrequited transfers Offlake Off-peak Off Peak Off-peak Pricing Offprice Offset Off Shore Off Shore Company Offshore finance subsidiary Offshore fund Offshore Lender Offsite Off-Site Cost Off-Site Improvements Off the Balance Sheet Off the Books Off the Books Payments Off-the-Cuff Off-the-Rack Research Off-the-Record OID Old-line factoring Oligopoly Oligopsony OM Omit Omitted dividend Omnibus account Omnibus Proxy OMR OM Stockholm AB On On Account On a clean up On balance On board On Board Bill of Lading On Board Ocean Bill of Lading On Budget On Carriage On Consignment On Demand One-decision stock One-factor APT One Hundred Percent Location One-man picture Onerous One-share-one-vote rule One-way market On-floor order On Order On-site Improvements On-site Inspection On Spec On Target On the close order On the money On the opening order On the print On the run On the sidelines On-the-Spot Loan On the take On the tape OPD OPEC Open Open Account Open Account Terms Open Bid Open book Open Book Account Open contracts Open depending on the floor Open Door Policy Open Economy Open End Commitment Open-End Credit Open Ended Open-end fund Open-end lease Open-end mortgage Open (good-till-cancelled) order (GTC order) Opening Opening Balance Opening Bank Opening Bell Opening price Opening purchase Opening sale Opening transaction Open Insurance Policy Open interest Open Market Open-market operation Open-market purchase operation Open-market rates Open on the print Open-outcry Open Policy Open position Open repo Open Shop Open Space Open Stock Open Up Operating Operating Advantages Operating Assets Operating Budget Operating cash flow Operating Costs Operating Cycle Operating Expenses Operating exposure Operating in the red Operating Layout Operating lease Operating Leverage Operating Loss Operating profit margin Operating profit (or loss) Operating Profits Operating rate Operating Ratio Operating risk Operation Operational Audit Operationally efficient market Operations Operations department Opex Opinion Leader Opinion of Title Opinion Poll Opinion shopping OPM Oporto Opportunity Opportunity Cost Opportunity cost of capital Opportunity costs Opportunity line Opportunity set Opt Optimal contract Optimal portfolio Optimal redemption provision Optimist Optimization approach to indexing Optimize Optimum Optimum Capacity Optimum Leverage Ratio Optimum Mix Option Option account Option-adjusted spread (OAS) Option agreement Optional dividend Optional payment bond Option cycle Option elasticity Option holder Option margin Option mutual fund Option not to deliver Option premium Option price Option Pricing Curve Options Clearing Corporation (OCC) Options contract Options contract multiple Option seller Option series Options on physicals Option spread Option writer Oral Oral Contract Orange Goods Or better Order Order Bill of Lading Order Book Official Order-Call Ratio Order imbalance Ordering Costs Order Parameter Order room Order splitting Order ticket Ordinance Ordinary Ordinary and Necessary Business Expense Ordinary Income Ordinary Interest Ordinary Loss Ordinary shares Organic Organic Capability Organization Organizational Buying Organizational Chart Organizational Development Organizational Dynamics Organizational Inducements Organization chart Organization Cost Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Organization Structure Organize Organized exchange Organized Labor Original Original Cost Original face value Original issue discount debt (OID debt) Original Issue Discount securities (OIDS) Original margin Original maturity Origination Origination Fee Originator Orphan Account Orphan stock Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) OSE Oslo Stock Exchange OTC OTC Bulletin Board OTC margin stock Other Assets Other capital Other current assets Other Income Other long-term liabilities Other Revenue Other sources OTM Out Outcome Outflow Outgo Outlay Outlays Outlet Out-of-favor industry or stock Out of line Out of print Out-of-the-money option Out of the name Outperform Out Placement Services Outright quote Outright rate Outside Director Outside market Outside of you Outsourced Outsourcing Outstanding Outstanding Dividends Outstanding share capital Outstanding shares Out there Out with Overadvance Overage Overall FTC limitation Overall Market Capacity Overall market price coverage Overallotment Overall Rate of Return Over and Short Overbook Overbought Overbought-oversold indicator Overcapitalization Overcharge Overdraft Overdraft checking account Overdraft Plan Overdue Overextended Overfunded pension plan Overhang Overhanging Bond Overhead Overhead Rate Overheating Overimprovement Overinvestment Overissue Overkill Overlapping debt Overlap the market Overlay strategy Overnight delivery risk Overnight position Overnight repo Overperform Overproduction Overreaching Overreaction hypothesis Overrule Overrun Overshooting Oversight Oversold Oversubscribed issue Oversubscription Oversubscription privilege Over the Counter Over-the-Counter Option over-the-counter (OTC) Over the Transom Overtime Overtrading Overvalued Overview Overweight Overwithholding Overwriting Owe Own Own Brand Owner Occupied Property Owner-Operator Owner's Equity Ownership Interest Ownership-specific advantages Own foreign offices P P2P PA PAB PAC PAC Bond Pacesetter Pacific Rim Pacific Stock Exchange Pack Package Packaged Goods Package Loan Package mortgage Packages Package Store Packaging Pack and Hold Packing List Pac-Man strategy PAD Padding Paid Paid-in Capital Paid in surplus Paid-in Surplus Paid up Paid-up policy Painting the tape Paired off Paired shares Pairoff Palatable Palletization P & I P&L P&S Pander Panic Panic buying or selling Paper Paper and Pencil Test Paper Asset Paper dealer Paper gain (loss) Paper Gold Paper Money Paper Profit (or Loss) Paper Trail Par Parachute Paradigm Paradigm Shift Paradox Parallel bonds Parallel loan Parallel shift in the yield curve Parameter Parasite Par bond Pare Down Parent Company Pari passu Paris Bourse Paris Interbank Offer Rate (PIBOR) Parity Parity Price Parity value Parking Parking violation Part B prospectus Partial Partial compensation Partial Release Partial Vote Participant Participant risk Participating buyer-seller Participating convertible preferred stock Participating dividend Participating fees Participating GIC Participating Insurance Participating life insurance policies Participating Preferred Participating preferred stock Participation Participation certificates (PC) Participation Loan Participative Management Partition Partner Partnership Partnership agreement Partner With Part Time Party Party in interest Party Line Par Value Par value of currency Pass Back to Shareholders Passive Passive Activity Loss (PAL) Passive bond Passive Income Passive Income Generator (PIG) Passive investing Passive investment management Passive investment strategy Passive Investor Passive management Passive portfolio Passive portfolio strategy Pass the book Pass-through coupon rate Pass-through rate Pass-through securities Patch Patchwork Product Patent Patent Pending Paternity Leave Path-dependent option Pathological Patron Patronage Patronize Patter Pattern Pavlovian Pawn Broker Pay Payable date Payables Payable through drafts Pay as You Go Pay-as-you-go basis Payback Payback Period Payday Pay-down Payee Payer Pay for Performance Paying agent Payment Payment date Payment float Payment-in-kind (PIK) bond Payments netting Payments pattern Payments System Payment System Payoff diagram Payoff profile Payola Payout Payout Period Payout ratio Pay Period Payroll Payroll Journal Payroll Orphans Pay the Piper Pay-to-play Pay to Play Pay-up P-B PBGC PC P-coast PE P-E Peak Peak Debt Statement Peas and Carrots Pecking Order Pecking-order view (of capital structure) P-E effect Peer Review PEFCO Peg Pegged exchange rate Pegging PEG Ratio PEN Penalty Penalty clause Penalty tax Pencil In Penetration Penetration Pricing Penetration Strategy Pennant Penny Stock Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) Pension fund Pension liabilities Pension parachute Pension plan Pension reversion Pension sponsors Penultimate profit prospect (PPP) People Intensive People pill Peppercorn Per annum P-E ratio PERC Per Capita Per capita debt Perceived Needs Percentage financial statement Percentage Lease Percentage of Advance Percentage of Sales Technique Percentage order Percentage premium Percent to double Perception Per Diem Interest Perfect capital market Perfect competition Perfected first lien Perfect forecast line Perfect hedge Perfecting a Lien Perfecting Title Perfectly competitive financial markets Perfect market assumptions Perfect market view (of capital structure) Perfect market view (of dividend policy)
Performance attribution analysis Performance Bond Performance evaluation Performance fund Performance index Performance measurement Performance shares Performance stock Perils of the Sea Period Period-certain annuity Periodic call auction Periodic payment plan Periodic payments Periodic purchase deferred contract Periodic rate Period of digestion Perishable Perk PERLS Permanent Assets Permanent Capital Permanent Current Assets Permanent Financing Permanent spontaneous current Liabilities Permissiable nonbank activities Permit Perpendicular spread Perpetual bond Perpetual Inventory Perpetual warrants Perpetuity Perquisites Per Se Personal article floater Personal exemption Personal Financial Statements Personal Guarantees Personal Income Personal inflation rate Personal Information Personal Property Personal Saving Personal Selling Personal tax view (of capital structure) Personal trust Perspective Per stirpes Peter Principle Petrodollar Petrodollars Petty Cash PF PG PGK PH Phantom income Phantom Stock Award Phantom stock plan Phase Phase space Philadelphia Board of Trade (PBOT) Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX) Philippine Stock Exchange Phillips Curve PHLX Phone switching PHP Physical asset Physical commodity Physical completion Physical Inventory Physical option Physical verification PIBOR Pickle Pickup Pickup bond Picture Pie Piece Piecemeal Piecework Pie model of capital structure Pier Piggybacking Piggyback Loan Piggyback registration Piggyback Rights PIK PIK (Payment-in-kind) securities Pilfer Pilot Pilot Production Pilot Project Ping Pink Collar Pink sheets Pink Slip Pin Money Pioneer Product Pip Pipeline Pirate Pit Pitch Pit committee PITI Pivot PK PKR PL Place Placement Placement ratio Placings Plagiarize Plaintiff Plain vanilla Plain vanilla swap Plan agreement Plan B Plan for reorganization Planned amortization class (PAC) Planned capital expenditure program Planned financing program Planning Planning horizon Plan participants Plan sponsors Plant Play a Role Player Playing the market Plaza Accord PLC Pledge Pledging PLN Plot Plow Back Plowback rate Plow Under Plug Plus Plus a match Plus tick Plus tick seller PM PN PO Pocket Point Point and figure chart Point Attractor Pointed Headed Boss (PHB) Point of Purchase Point of Sale Point Person Points quote Poison pill Poison put Policies Policy asset allocation Policyholder Policyholder loan bonds Policy limit Policy Loan Politically Correct Political Risk Political Risk Insurance Pollutants Pollution Polygraph Pool Pool factor Pooling of interests Popcorn Population Porcupine provision Port Portability Portable Portal to Portal Portfolio Portfolio allocation by region Portfolio asset allocation Portfolio beta Portfolio diversification Portfolio expected return Portfolio insurance Portfolio internal rate of return Portfolio management Portfolio manager Portfolio opportunity set Portfolio restructuring Portfolio separation theorem Portfolio theory Portfolio transaction costs Portfolio turnover rate Portfolio variance Port of Entry Position Position building Position diagram Positioning Position limits Position self Position sheet Position trader Positive carry Positive Comments Positive convexity Positive covenant (of a bond) Positive float Positive obligation Positive Tax Benefits Positive yield curve Possession Possessions corporation Post Post-audit Postdate Post-dated check Posting Post Mortem Postponement option Postponing income Post-trade benchmarks Pot Potential Potential Default Potential Demand Potential Value Pot is clean Poverty Power Power of Attorney PPP PR Praecipium Prearranged trading Preauthorized checks (PAC) Preauthorized electronic debits (PAD) Preauthorized payment Prebilling Pre Carriage Precautionary demand (for money) Precautionary motive Precedence Precious Metals Precompute Predator Pre-Depreciation Profit Preempt Preemptive Right Preemptive Rights Preemptive Strategy Preexisting Preference Preference share Preference stock Preferred Creditor Preferred Debt Preferred dividend coverage Preferred equity redemption stock (PERC) Preferred habitat theory Preferred Placements Preferred shares Preferred Stock Preferred stock agreement Preferred stock ratio PREG Preliminary Cost Estimate Preliminary estimate Preliminary Expenses Preliminary Prospectus Premature distribution Premise Premises Premium Premium bond Premium income Premium Offer Premium Pricing Premium raid Prep Prepackaged bankruptcy Prepaid Prepaid Interest Prepay Prepayment Clause Prepayment Penalty Prepayments Prepayment speed Prerefunded bond Prerefunding Presale order Presell Presence Present Value Present Value Components Analysis Present value factor Present Value Index (PVI) Present value of growth opportunities Pre shipment Finance President Presidential election cycle theory Pre-sold issue Prestige Prestige Advertising Prestige Pricing Pretax Pre-tax contribution Pretax earnings or profits Pretax rate of return Pre-Testing Pre-trade benchmarks Preventative Action Preventative Maintenance Prevention Previous balance method PRI Price Price-book ratio Price Ceiling Price change Price compression Price continuity Price Control Price Cutting Price discovery process Price Discrimination Priced out Price-Earnings Ratio Price effect Price elasticities Price Fixing Price Floor Price Fluctuation Price gap Price give Price immunization Price impact costs Price indexes Price leadership Price Level Price Lining Price Mechanism Price momentum Price of admission Price persistence Price Plateau Price Points Price Range Price risk Price-sales ratio Price Sensitive Prices (of equity) Price-specie flow mechanism Price spread Price Stabilization Price Support Price takers Price uncertainty Price value of a basis point (PVBP) Price-volume relationship Price War Price-weighted index Pricey Pricing Pricing Amendment Pricing efficiency Pricing Methods Pricing Policies Prima Facie Primary Data Primary dealer Primary Demand Primary distribution Primary earnings per (common) share Primary Market Primary Offering Primary Research Primary Suppliers Primary trend Prime Prime Accounts Prime Paper Primer Prime Rate Prime rate fund Prime Tenant Prime Time Primitive security Principal Principal-agent relationship Principal amount Principal Balance Principal Exchange-Rated-Linked Securities (PERLS) Principal Finance Principal Finance Officer Principal-only (PO) Principals Principal stockholder Principle Principle of diversification Print Prioritization of Debt Prioritize Priority Prior-lien bond Prior-preferred stock Private Private Brand Private Company Private Debt Private Enterprise Private Export Funding Corporation Private Export Funding Corporation (PEFCO) Private Funds Private Label Private-label pass-throughs Private letter ruling Private limited partnership Private market value (PMV) Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Private Notes Private Placement Private-purpose bond Private Ruling Private Sector Private unrequited transfers Privatization Privilege Privileged Communication Privileged Information Privity Pro Proactive Probability Probability density function Probability distribution Probability function Probate Problem Child Problem Solving Procedures Proceeds Proceeds sale Process Process Capability Process Design Processing Delay Processing Fee Process Mix Process Performance Procure Produce Producer Producer Goods Producer Price Index Producer Price Index (PPI) Product Product Acceptance Product Applications Product Class Product cycle Product cycle theory Product Deficiency Product Description Product Design Product Development Product Differentiation Product Diversification Product Driven Product Elimination Product Innovation Production Production Capacity Production Cost Production Cost Advantage Production-flow commitment Production Loan Production Oriented Company Production payment financing Production possibilities schedule Production rate Productive Productive Labor Productive Resources Productivity Productivity Quotas Product Liability Product Life Cycle Product Line Product Market Product Mix Product Performance Product Planning Product Rejuvenation Product risk Product Strategy Product Stretching Profession Professional Profile buyer-seller Profit Profitability Profitability index Profitability ratios Profit and Loss Statement Profit Center Profit Distribution Loan Profiteer Profit forecast Profit Graph Profit Margin Profit Motive Profit Planning Profit Potential Profit Range Profit Sharing Profit-sharing plan Profit Squeeze Profit Table Profit Taking Profit to Net Worth Ratio Profit to Total Asset Ratio Proforma Pro Forma Pro forma capital structure analysis Pro forma financial statements Proforma Invoice Pro Forma Invoice Pro forma statement Program Programmed Trading Program trades Program trading Progress Billing Progressive taxation Progressive tax system Progress payments Progress review Project Project contracts Projected benefit obligation (PBO) Projected maturity date Project Finance Loan Program Project financing Project History Document Projection Project Life Cycle Project link Project loan certificate (PLC) Project loans Project loan securities Project Log Project Milestones Project notes (PN) Project Tracking Proliferation Prolific Prolix Promissory Note Promote Promoters Promotion Promotional Allowance Promotional Budget Promotional Campaign Promotional Mix Promotion Mix Proof Property Property inventory Property rights Property tax Proportional representation Proprietary Proprietary Interest Proprietary trading Proprietor Proprietorship Pro rata Prorate Proration Prospect Prospecting Prospective Earnings Growth (PEG Ratio) Prospectus Prosperity Protect Protected Strategy Protectionism Protective covenant Protective put buying strategy Protest Protocol Prototype Prototype plan Provisional call feature Provision for income taxes Proviso Proximity to Customer Base Proxy Proxy Committee Proxy Committee Ballot Proxy contest Proxy fight Proxy Solicitor Proxy Statement Proxy vote Prudent Investor Rule Prudent-man rule PS P-S PSA Prepayment Rate Pseudocode PSSG Psychic Income Psycho PT PTE Public Public Book (of order) Public Carrier Public Company Public debt Public Domain Public Employee Public Funds Public housing authority bond Public Interest Publicity Public limited partnership Publicly held Publicly-Held Company Publicly traded assets Public Offering Public offering price Public ownership Public-purpose bond Public Record Public Relations Public Sector Public Securities Administration (PSA) Public securities offering Public Service Public Utility Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 Public warehouse Public Works Puffing Puff Piece Puke Pull Pullback Pulling in their horns Pull Strings Pullthrough Pulsing Pump Priming Punitive Damages Purchase Purchase accounting Purchase Agreement Purchase and Leaseback Purchase and sale Purchase Cycle Purchase fee Purchase fund Purchase group Purchase loan Purchase method Purchase-money mortgage Purchase Money Mortgage Purchase order Purchase Price Purchasing Power Purchasing power of the dollar Purchasing power parity Purchasing power risk Pure Competition Pure discount bond Pure expectations theory Pure index fund Pure Interest Pure Lease Pure monopoly Pure play Pure yield pickup swap Purge Purpose credit Purpose loan Purpose statement Purvey Purview Push For Push Incentives Put Put an option Put a Spin On Put bond Put-call parity Put-call parity relationship Put-call ratio Put Forward Put guarantee letter Put on Put option Put price Put provision Put ratio backspread Put swaption Put to seller Put up PV PVBP PW PY PYG Pyramiding Pyramid scheme Q Q1-2-3-4 QA QAR Q Rating Q ratio or Tobin's Q ratio Quadratic programming Qualification period Qualified Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) Qualified endorsement Qualified Lead Qualified Opinion Qualified plan or trust Qualified Plan (or Trust) Qualified retirement plan Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust (Q-TIP) Qualified total distribution Qualify Qualifying annuity Qualifying share Qualifying stock option Qualitative analysis Qualitative Ratios Qualitative research Quality Quality Assurance Quality Audit Quality Costs Quality Culture Quality Engineering Quality Gate Quality Goal Quality Market Quality Movement Quality of earnings Quality of Working Life Quality option Quality Plan Quality spread Quality Supplier Quandary Quant Quantitative analysis Quantitative Ratios Quantitative research Quantity Discount Quantity risk Quantize Quantos Quanto swap Quarterly Quarterly financing Quarter stock Quasi Contract Quasi-public corporation Quay Query Quibble Quick Assets Quick Cash Items Quick ratio Quid Pro Quo Quiet period Quintessential Quitclaim Deed Quorum Quota Quotation Quotation board Quote Quoted price Quote rule R Racial Discrimination Racket Racketeering Rack Jobber Radar alert Rag Rag Money Rag Trade Raider Raincheck Rainmaker Raise Raising Funds Rally Rally (recovery) RAM Ramp Down Ramp Up Randomized strategy Random Sample Random variable Random walk Range Range forward Rank Rank and File RAP Rapid Application Development (RAD) Rapport Rate Rate anticipation swaps Rate base Rate Card Rate covenant Rate lock Rate of exchange Rate of interest Rate of return Rate of return ratios Rate risk Ratify Ratings Ratio analysis Ratio Calendar Combination Ratio Calendar Spread Ration Rationale Rational expectations Rationalize Ratios Ratio Spread Ratio Strategy Ratio writer Raw Data Raw material Raw Materials Raw material supply agreement R & D Partnerships RE Reach Reachback Reaction Read Readability Reading the tape Readout Ready - Fire - Aim Ready Willing, and Able Real Real Account Real appreciation-depreciation Real assets Real body Real capital Real cash flow Real Currency Real Earnings Real estate Real estate appraisal Real estate broker Real Estate Contract Real Estate Investment Trust Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit (REMIC) Real Estate Owned Real exchange rates Real gain or loss Real GDP Real Income Real interest rate Realistic on price Reality Realizable Value Realize Realized compound yield Realized profit (or loss) Realized return Realized volatility Realized yield Real market Real Needs Real option Real Property Real Rate of Interest Real rate of return Real return Real time Real Time Software Realtor Real Value Real Value of Money Real Wages Ream Reasoning Error Rebalancing Rebate Rebound Recalculation method Recall Recall Test Recapitalization Recapitalization proposal Recapture Recasting a Debt Receipts Receivables Receivables balance fractions Receivables Turnover Receivables turnover ratio Received for Shipment Bill of Lading Receive fixed counterparty Receive floating counterparty Receiver Receiver's certificate Receive versus payment Recession Recharacterization Reciprocal marketing agreement Reckoning Reclamation Recognize Recognized Gain Recompense Reconcile Recondition Reconveyance Record Record date Recordholder Recording Record Owner Recoup Recourse Recourse Loan Recovery Recycle Redeem Redeemable Redemption Redemption charge Redemption cushion Redemption date Redemption fee Redemption or call Redemption Period Redemption price Redeploy Redevelop Red Flag Red Goods Red Herring Red Ink Rediscount Rediscount Rate Redlining Red-lining Red Tape Reduction-Option Loan (ROL) Reductions Refactoring Reference Reference rate Refinance Refinancing Reflation Refund Refundable Refunded bond Refunding Refunding Escrow Deposits (REDs) Refurbish Region Regional bank Regional Check Processing Center (RCPC) Regional fund Regional Office Regional stock exchanges Register Registered Bond Registered check Registered Company Registered competitive market maker Registered equity market maker Registered investment adviser Registered investment company Registered Office Registered options trader Registered Owner Registered Representative Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) Registered secondary offering Registered security Registered Shares Registered trader Registrar Registration Registration Statement Regression Regression analysis Regression coefficient Regression equation Regression Testing Regression toward the mean Regressive Tax Regular settlement Regular way settlement Regulated commodities Regulated Industry Regulated investment company Regulation A Regulation D Regulation FD (fair disclosure) Regulation G Regulation M Regulation Q Regulations Regulation S-K Regulation S-X Regulation T Regulation T Calls Regulation U Regulatory accounting procedures (RAP) Regulatory Agency Regulatory Flexibility Act Regulatory pricing risk Regulatory Requirements Regulatory surplus Rehab Rehypothecation Reimbursement Reinstatement Reinsurance Reinvest Reinvestment Reinvestment date Reinvestment effect Reinvestment privilege Reinvestment rate Reinvestment risk Reinvoicing center REIT Rejection Relative form of purchasing power parity Relative PE Relative purchasing power parity (RPPP) Relative Risk Relative strength Relative value Relative yield spread Relaunch Release Release clause Reliable Reload Stock Option Relocation Remainderman Remaining maturity Remaining principal balance Remargining Rembrandt market REMIC Remise Remit Remittance Report Remitting Bank Remnant Space Remote disbursement Remote Worksite Remuneration Renege on Renegotiable rate Renegotiate Renewable Resource Renewable term life insurance Renewal Rent Rental lease Rental Value Rent control Reoffering yield Reopen an issue Reopening Reorganization Reorganization bond Reorganize Reorg (or Corporate Action or Reorganization) Rep Repatriate Repatriation Repeat Business Repertoire Replacement Chain Replacement-chain problem Replacement cost Replacement cost accounting Replacement cost insurance Replacement Costs Replacement cycle Replacement Demand Replacement Value Replevin Replicating portfolio Repo Report Reported factor Reporting currency Report of Condition and Income Reports and Records Repossession Representations Repressive Tax Repricing Reproducible assets Reps and Warranties Repudiate Repurchase Agreement Repurchase of stock Required minimum distribution (RMD) Required Rate of Return (RRR) Required reserves Required return Required yield Requirements Development Requirements Traceability Requisition Resale Rescaled Range (R-S) Analysis Rescheduled loans Rescind Rescission Research and development limited partnership Research and development (R"D)> Research department Research portable Reseller Reservation Reservation price Reserve Reserve account Reserve currency Reserve ratios Reserve requirements Reset bonds Reset frequency Resident Agent Residential mortgage Residential property Residual Residual assets Residual claim Residual cover Residual dividend approach Residual method Residual Return Residual risk Residuals Residual Value Resiliency Resistance Resistance level Resolution Resolution Funding Corporation (RefCorp) Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) Resource Responsiveness Restitution Restraining Order Restraint of Trade Restricted Restricted account Restricted Securities Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Award Restricted Surplus Restrictive Covenant Restrictive covenants Restrictive endorsement Restructure Restructuring Resume Resyndication limited partnership Retail Retail Credit Retail Factoring Retail house Retail Investor Retail investors Retail Lending Retail Outlet Retail price Retail Rate Retainages Retained Earnings Retained earnings statement Retainer Retention Retention rate Rethink Retire Retirement Retirement Protection Act of 1994 Retracement Retrain Retreat Retroactive Return Return if Exercised Return of Capital Return on assets (ROA) Return on capital employed (ROCE) Return on Equity Return on equity (ROE) Return on Investment Return on investment (ROI) Return on Sales Return on total assets Returns Return-to-maturity expectations Reuseability Reuters Revaluation Revenue Revenue Anticipation Note (RAN) Revenue bond Revenue fund Revenue Participations Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993 Revenue Ruling Revenues Revenue sharing Revenue Stamp Revenue Stream Revenue Tariff Reversal Reversal Arbitrage Reverse Reverse-annuity mortgages (RAM) Reverse a swap Reverse conversion Reverse Leverage Reverse leveraged buyout Reverse mortgage Reverse price risk Reverse repo Reverse stock split Reversing trade Revert Revised estimate Revisionary trust Revision Control Revocable letter of credit Revocable trust Revocation Revoke Revolving Collateral Revolving Credit Revolving credit agreement Revolving Financing Revolving Fund Revolving line of credit Revolving Loan Reward System Reward-to-volatility ratio Rich RICO Rider Riding the yield curve Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking and Branching Efficiency Act of 1994 Rigged market Right Right here Right of accumulation Right of First Refusal Right of Recourse Right of Redemption Right of Rescission Right of Survivorship Right of Way Right Questions Rights
Rights and Options Right Sized Rights offering Rights of set-off Rights-on Right to Know Right to Work Laws Rings Ring Up Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange (Bolsa do Rio) Rising bottoms Rising Star Risk Risk-adjusted discount rate Risk-adjusted profitability Risk-adjusted return Risk Adverse Risk arbitrage Risk-averse Risk-based capital ratio Risk Capital Risk classes Risk controlled arbitrage Risk factor Risk-free asset Risk-Free Interest Rate Risk-free rate Risk indexes Riskless arbitrage Riskless or risk-free asset Riskless rate Riskless rate of return Riskless transaction Risk lover Risk Management Risk-neutral Risk of Loss Risk premium Risk premium approach Risk profile Risk-prone Risk Rate Risk-return trade-off Risk-return tradeoff Risk-Reward Ratio Risk seeker Risk Taker Risk tolerance Risk transfer Risky asset RO ROA Road Show Robert Morris Associates Robust ROCE Rocket scientist ROE Rogue Product ROI ROL Roll Back Roll down Roll forward Rolling Launch Rolling of Futures Roll order Rollout Rollover Roll Over Rollover IRA Roll, Richard Roll's Critique Roll up Ross, Stephen Rotation Roth IRA Round File Rounding Out the Package Round Lot Round-trip trade Round-trip transactions costs Round-turn Royalty Royalty (or Royalty Fee) RPPP RU RUB Rubber check Rubberstamp Rule 13-d Rule 144 Rule 144a Rule 14-d Rule 405 Rule 415 Rule lOb-5 Rule of 72 Rule of 78 Rule of Absolute Priority Rules of fair practice Rumor Rumortrage Rump Run Rundown Running ahead Running Costs Runoff Run the Numbers Russell 1000 Russell 2000 Russell 3000 Russell Indexes Russian Exchange Russian Trading System (RTS) Rust Belt RW RWF S SA Sabbatical Sabotage SACE Sacred Cow Safe Safe harbor Safe harbor lease Safe Harbor Rule Safekeep Safety cushion Safety Margin Safety-net return Safety Stock SAIF Salability Salable Salary Salary freeze Salary reduction plan Salary Reduction Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SARSEP) Sale Sale and lease-back Sales Sales and Leaseback Sales and Marketing Sales Budget Sales Charge Sales completion Sales Contract Sales Coverage Sales Driven Sales Effort Sales Force Sales Force Composite Method Sales Forecast Sales Incentive Sales Ledger Sales Letter Sales Literature Sales load Sales Planning Sales Promotion Sales Quota Sales Revenue Sales Target Sales Tax Sales Territory Sales-type lease Salient Attribute Sallie Mae Salomon Brothers Non-U.S. Dollar World Government Bond Index Salomon Brothers World Equity Index (SBWEI) Salvage Value Same-Day Funds Settlement (SDFS) Same-day substitution Sample S&P S&P 500 Composite Index S&P phenomenon S&P Rating Samurai bond Samurai market Santa Claus Rally Sao Paulo Stock Exchange SAR Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 Satellite Operation Satisfaction of Debt Saturation Saturday night special SATURNS Saucer Save The Drama For Your Mama Saving Savings and loan association Savings and Loan Associations Savings Association Insurance Fund (SAIF) Savings Bank Savings bond Savings deposits Savings Element Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE) 401(k) plan Savings Rate SB SBD SC Scale Scale-enhancing Scale in Scale order Scaling Scalp Scalping Scapegoat Scarcity Scattered Scenario Scenario analysis Schedule Schedule 13d Schedule C Scheduled cash flows Scorched-earth policy Score S Corporation SCR Scrambled Merchandising Screening Screen stocks Scrip Scripophily Scut Work SD SDD SDR SE Sealed Bid SEAQ Search costs Season Seasonal Downturn Seasonality Seasonally adjusted Seasoned Seasoned datings Seasoned issue Seasoned Loan Seasoned new issue Seat SEC Secert Ballot SEC fee Secondary distribution-offering Secondary Issue Secondary Market Secondary Mortgage Market Secondary Offering Secondary Research Secondary stocks Second Class Second market Second Mortgage Second mortgage lending Second pass regression Second-preferred stock Second round Seconds Second Source Second-to-die insurance Section 16(a) Section 16(b) Section 423 Section 482 Section 83(b) Election Sector Sector allocation Sector diversification Sector fund Sector rotation Secular Secured Bond Secured debt Secured Debt (or Loan) Secured Loan Secured Note Secured Party Securities Securities Act of 1933 Securities Acts Amendments of 1975 Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Securities analysts Securities and commodities exchanges Securities and Exchange Commission Securities and Exchange Commission Rules Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Securities Exchange of Thailand (SET) Securities Industry Association (SIA) Securities Industry Committee on Arbitration (SICA) Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) Securities Loan Securities markets Securitization Security Security Agreement Security characteristic line Security deposit (initial) Security deposit (maintenance) Security Element Security Industry Automated Corporation (SIAC) Security Interest Security market line Security market plane Security Rating Security ratings Security selection Security selection decision SED Seed Capital (or Money) Seed money Seek a market Segment Segmented Market Segregation of securities SEHK Seigniorage SEK Selected dealer agreement Selective Distribution Selective hedging Select ten portfolio Self-amortizing mortgage Self Central Self-directed IRA Self Directed Team Self-employed income Self-employment tax Self Fulfilling Prophecy Self Insurance Self Liquidating Self-liquidating loan Self-regulatory organization (SRO) Self-selection Self-Similar Self-supporting debt Self Tender Self-tender offer Sell Seller financing Seller Liability Seller's Market Seller's option Seller's points Sell hedge Selling climax Selling concession Selling Costs Selling dividends Selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) expenses Selling group Selling on the good news Selling Platform Selling Short Selling short against the box Selling Syndicate Selling the spread Sell limit order Sell Off Sell order Sell out Sell plus order Sell price Sell-side analyst Sell the book Semiannual Semi-Durable Goods Semimonthly Semistrong-form efficiency Semivariable Costs Senior Debt Senior Discount Seniority Senior mortgage bond Senior refunding Senior security Sensitive Sensitive Market Sensitivity analysis Sentimental Value Sentiment Indicators Separate customer Separate tax returns Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal Securities (STRIPS) Separation Separation property Separation theorem Serial Bond Serial bonds Serial covariance Serial entrepreneur Serial redemption Series Series bond Series E bond Series EE bond Series HH bond Service Bureau Service Business Service Center Service charge Service Contract Service Life Service Mark Service Sector Set-aside Setback Set of contracts perspective Setoff Settle Settlement Settlement date Settlement options Settlement price Settlement rate Settlement risk Settle price Set up Severally but not jointly Severalty Severance Severance Pay Sexual Harassment SG SGD SH Shadow calendar Shadows Shadow stock Shakedown Shakeout Shakeup Sham Shanghai Stock Exchange Share broker Shared Appreciation Mortgage (SAM) Shareholder Shareholders' Agreements Shareholders' Equity Shareholders' letter Share repurchase Shares Shares Authorized Share With You Shark Shark repellant Shark Repellent Shark Watcher Sharpe benchmark Sharpe ratio Shelf Life Shelf offering Shelf registration Shelf Space Shelf Velocity Shell Company Shell corporation Shelve Shelved Shenzhen Stock Exchange Shift Gears Shiftless Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) Shipping Documents Ship's Manifest Shirking Shock absorbers Shoddy Shogun bond Shootout Shop Shopped stock Shopping Short Short against the box Shortage cost Short Bias Short Bond Short bonds Short book Shortchange Short coupon Short covering Short exempt Shortfall Shortfall risk Short-Form Registration Short hedge Short interest Short interest theory Short position Short ratio Short-run operating activities Short sale Short-sale rule Short selling Short settlement Short-short test Short squeeze Short straddle Short tender Short-Term Short-term bond fund Short-term capital gain Short-Term Debt Short-term financial plan Short-Term Funds Short-term gain (or loss) Short-term interest rates Short-term investment services Short-term reserves Short-term solvency ratios Short-term tax exempts Short-term trend Shotgun Show and tell list Showboat Show me buyer-seller Show stopper Show Time SHP Shrinkage Shutdown Shut out the book Shyster SI SIAC SIC Side-by-side trading Side Collateral Side effects Sidelines Sideways market Sight Draft Sight Letter of Credit Signal Signaling approach Signaling approach (on dividend policy) Signature guarantee Signature Loan Signatures on Proxies Signed Copy Significant influence Significant order Significant order imbalance Significant Rigor Silent Partner Silver Parachutes Silver Standard SIMEX Simple compound growth method Simple Interest Simple IRA Simple linear regression Simple linear trend model Simple moving average Simple prospect Simple rate of return Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan Simulation Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX) Single-buyer policy Single-country fund Single-Entry Bookkeeping Single European Act Single-factor model Single-index model Single life annuity Single Line Store Single option Single-payment bond Single-Payment Loan Single-Premium Deferred Annuity (SPDA) Single-premium life insurance Single-state municipal bond fund Sinker Sinking Fund Sinking fund requirement Sin Tax SIT Sit Down Across a Table (Eyeball to Eyeball) Site Site Development Cost Sit tight Situation Situation Analysis Size Size out the book SJ SK Skewed distribution Skewness Skill Skill-Intensive Skimming Skip-day settlement Skip-payment privilege SKK Skort-Swing Transaction SL Slack Slander SLD last sale Sleazy Sleeper Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Giant Slippage SLL Slogan Slowdown Slump Slushfund SM Small Business Small Business Administration Small Business Development Center Small Business Innovation Research Program Small Business Institute Small Business Investment Company Small business policy Small-cap Small-capitalization (small-cap) fund Small-capitalization (small cap) stocks Small-firm effect Small Investor Small issues exemption Small Order Execution System (SOES) Smart money SMBS SME Smidge Smithsonian Agreement Smoke and Mirrors Smokescreen Smokestack Industry Smuggle SN Snake Snowballing SO Social Costs Socially Conscious Investor Socially conscious mutual fund Social Marketing Social Security benefits Social Security Disability Income Insurance Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) SOES Soft Currency Soft Dollars Soft Goods Soft landing Soft Loan Soft Market Soft Money Softs Soft Sales Promotion Soft Sell Soft spot Software Architecture Document Soil Bank Sold away Sold-out market Sole Proprietorship Sole Supplier Solid Citizen Solo Solvency Solvent Song and Dance Sophisticated Investor SOS Sour bond Source Source and Application Statement Source Code Source Code Tracing Source of funds seller Sources and applications of funds statement South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX) Sovereign risk SOXS Span Span of Control SPDRs Special arbitrage account Special assessment bond Special bid Special bond account Special Claim on Residual Equity (SCORE) Special dividend Special Drawing Rights (SDR) Specialist Specialist block purchase and sale Specialist market Specialist Research Specialist's book Specialist's short-sale ratio Specialist unit Specialization Special Meeting Special-Purpose Entity Special Purpose Value Special Situation Specialty Advertising Specialty Goods Specialty Retailer Specialty Selling Specialty Shop Special Use Property Specie Specification Specific issues market Specific Return Specific risk Spectail Speculate Speculation Speculative Speculative demand (for money) Speculative-grade bond Speculative motive Speculative Risk Speculative stock Speculative Value Speculator Speed Speedup Spider Spike Spilt Spin Spin Doctor Spinning Spin-off Spin Off SPINs Split Split Commission Split-coupon bond Split-fee option Split offering Split order Split print Split-rate tax system Split rating Split stock Spoilage Spoken for Spokesperson Sponsor Sponsorship Spontaneous Current Liabilities Spontaneous Liabilities Sporadic Quality Problems Spot Cash Spot Check Spot commodity Spot Exchange Spot exchange rates Spot futures parity theorem Spot interest rate Spot lending Spot Loans Spot Market Spot markets Spot month Spot Price Spot rate Spot rate curve Spot secondary Spot trade Spot transaction Spousal IRA Spousal remainder trust Spread Spread income Spreading Agreement Spread option Spread order Spread position Spreadsheet Spread strategy Sprinkling trust Spur SPX Square Footage Squeeze SR SRG SS1 ST Stability Stabilization Stable Paretian, or Fractal Hypothesis Staff Stag Stage of Development Stagflation Staggered board of directors Staggering maturities Stagnation Stake Stakeholders Stale Check Stale price Stale price arbitrage Stalking horse Stalking horse bid Stamp duty Stamp tax Stand-alone principle Standard & Poor's MidCap 400 Index Standard & Poor's SmallCap 600 Index Standard and Poor's Standard Costing Standard deduction Standard Deviation Standard error Standard Industrial Classification Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Standard International Trade Classification Standardized normal distribution Standardized value Standard of Living Standards Standard Stocks Standby agreement Standby Commitment Standby Fee Standby Letter of Credit Standing Standing Order Standstill agreement Stand up to Staple Stock Star Start Rate Start-Up Start-Up Capital Stat State and local government series (SLUGs) State bank Stated annual interest rate Stated conversion price Stated maturity Stated Value Statement billing Statement of Account Statement of Additional Information (SAI) Statement of Affairs Statement of Cash Flows Statement-of-Cash-Flows Method Statement of Change in Financial Position Statement of Condition Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 52 Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 8 Statement of Partners' Capital Statement of Retained Earnings Statement of Work State tax-exempt income fund Static theory of capital structure Stationary time series Statistical Arbitrage Statistically Significant Statistical Process Control Statistical tracking error Status Status Quo Statute Statute of Frauds Statute of Limitations Statutory debt limit Statutory investment Statutory Law Statutory merger Statutory surplus Statutory voting Stay Abreast Staying Power Stay on Task STD Steady state Steamship Conference Steenth Steepening of the yield curve Step aside Step Down Step-Down Lease Step-down note Step up Step-up bond Step-Up Lease Step-up swap Sterilized intervention Stevedore Stick to Your Knitting Sticky deal Stiff Stimulus Stipulate Stipulation Stochastic models Stochastics index Stock Stock ahead Stock Appreciation Right (SAR) Stock bonus plan Stockbroker Stock buyback Stock certificate Stock Control Stock Corporation Stock Dividend Stock Exchange Automated Quotation System (SEAQ) Stock Exchange, Mumbai (BSE) Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (SEHK) Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) Stock Exchange of Thailand Stock exchanges Stockholder Stockholder books Stockholder equity Stockholder of record Stockholder's equity Stockholder's report Stockholm Stock Market (Stockholm B&#ouml;rsen) Stock index Stock Index Future Stock index option Stock index swap Stock insurance company Stock in Trade Stock jockey Stock Ledger Stock list Stock market Stock option Stockout Stockpile Stock power Stock purchase plan Stock rating Stock record Stock replacement strategy Stock repurchase Stock right Stock selection Stock Split Stock symbol Stock ticker Stock Ticker Symbols Stock Turnover StockWatch Stock watcher (NYSE) Stonewalling Stop basis Stop-limit order Stop Limit Order Stop-loss order Stop Order Stop order (or stop) Stop-out price Stop Payment Stopped Stopped out Stopping curve Stopping curve refunding rate Stop Transfer Store Store Brand Story stock-bond Straddle Straight Straight Bill of Lading Straight Debt Straight Discount Straight-line depreciation Straight Line Depreciation Straight Loan Straight Paper Straight term insurance policy Straight Time Straight value Straight voting Strange Attractor Strangle Strategic alliance Strategic Business Unit Strategic buyout Strategic Decision Strategic Metals Strategic Plan Strategic Positioning Strategy Stratified equity indexing Stratified sampling approach to indexing Stratified sampling bond indexing Stratify Stray Street Street name Street Smarts Strike index Strike price Striking price Striking Price Intercal Strip Strip Development Strip mortgage participation certificate (strip PC) Stripped bond Stripped mortgage-backed securities (SMBS) Stripped yield Strong Currency Strong dollar Strong-form efficiency Strong form of the EMT Strong Market Structural Adjustment Loan Facility (SAL) Structural Inflation Structural Unemployment Structure Structured Analysis Structured arbitrage transaction Structured Asset Trust Unit Repackagings Structured debt Structured finance Structured note Structured portfolio strategy Structured settlement Stub Stub-Period Financial Information Student Loan Marketing Association (SLMA) Subaccount Subchapter M Subchapter S Subchapter S Corporation Subcontractor Subdivider Subfactor Subject Subjective probabilities Subjective Value Subject market Subject to a (NY) can Subject to a print-execution-trading Subject to opinion Sublease Subliminal Suboptimization Subordinated Subordinated bonds Subordinated debenture bond Subordinated Debt Subordination clause Subpart F Subperiod return Subpoena Subrogation Subscribe Subscription Subscription agreement Subscription price Subscription privilege Subscription right Subscription warrant Subsequent Offering Subsidiary Subsidiary Journal Subsidiary Ledger Subsidized financing Subsidy Substantially equal periodic payments (SEPP) Substantive Law Substitute sale Substitution swap Successful Meeting Succession Succession Planning Success tax Sue Suggested Retail Price Suicide pill Suitability Suitability rules Suitable Summary Summary Judgement Summary plan description (SPD) Sum of the Years Digits Sum-of-the-years'-digits depreciation Sunbelt Sunk Costs Sunrise industries Sunset Industry Super Bowl indicator Super DOT Superfund Supermajority Super Majority Supermajority amendment Supermarket Super message Super sinker bond Superstore Supervisory analyst Supervisory board Supplemental Security Income Supplier Supplier credit Supply Supply and Demand Supply risk Supply shock Supply-side economics Supply Side Economics Support Support Activity Support Level Support Price Surcharge Surety Surety Bonding Assistance Surplus Surplused Surplus funds Surplus management Surrender Value Surrogate Surtax Surveillance department of exchanges Survivorship Survivorship bias Sushi bond Suspended trading Suspend Operations Suspense account Sustainable growth rate SV SVC Swap Swap arrangements Swap assignment Swap book Swap buy back Swap fund Swap option Swap rate Swap reversal Swap sale Swaption Sweat Equity Sweatshop Sweep Sweep account Sweetener SWIFT Swingline facility Swing Loan Swing Time Swing Trading Swiss Electronic Bourse (EBS) Swiss Exchange Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange (SOFFEX) Swissy Switching Switching Gears Switching options Switch order SWOT Analysis SY Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE) Symbol Symbol book special Symmetric cash matching Symposium Symptom Synchronous data Syndicate Syndicated Eurocredit loans Syndicated Loan Syndicate manager Syndication Syndrome Synergistic effect Synergy Synthetic convertible Synthetic forward position Synthetic Lease Synthetic put Synthetics Synthetic stock SYP System Systematic Systematic investment plan Systematic Return Systematic risk Systematic risk principle Systematic withdrawal plan Systemic Systemic Risk System Noise Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) System Software Systems Selling System Test SZ SZL T T+3 TAA TABs Tabulation Report TAC bonds Tacit Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) Tactics Tagline Tail Tailgating Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSEC) Take Take a Bath Take a Beating Take a Flier Take a Hike Take-and-pay contract Take a Position Take a powder Take a swing Take Care of Your Concerns Take Charge Of Take Delivery Takedown Take Home Pay Take off Takeout Take-out Takeout Financing Take Out Loan Takeover Takeover target Take Private Take Public Take Questions Takes a call Takes price Take the offer Take-up fee Taking a view Taking delivery Tandem programs Tangibility Tangible Asset Tangible net worth Tangible Value TANs Tape Tape is late Tare Weight Target Target Audience Target cash balance Target Company Target Customer Targeted Amortization Class (TAC) bonds Targeted Milestones Targeted registered offerings Targeted repurchase Target firm Target investment mix Target Leverage Ratio Target Market Target payout ratio Target Price Target zone arrangement Target zones Tariff Tar Weight Task Task Analysis Task Force Tax Tax Abatement Taxable acquisition Taxable equivalent yield Taxable estate Taxable event Taxable Income Taxable municipal bond Taxable transaction Taxable Value Taxable year Tax and loan account Tax anticipation bills (Tabs) Tax Anticipation Notes (Tans) Tax arbitrage Tax audit Tax Avoidance Tax Base Tax basis Tax Benefits Tax books Tax Bracket Tax clawback agreement Tax clientele Tax Credit Tax-deductible Tax Deductible Tax Deduction Tax deferral option Tax Deferred Tax-deferred income Tax-deferred retirement plans Tax differential view (of dividend policy) Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (TEFRA) Tax-equivalent yield Tax Evasion Tax Exempt Tax-exempt bond Tax-exempt income Tax-exempt income fund Tax-exempt money market fund Tax-exempt sector Tax-exempt security Tax free acquisition Tax Free Exchange Tax Haven Tax haven affiliate Tax holiday Tax Impact Tax Incentive Tax liability Tax Lien Tax loss carryback, carryforward Tax-neutrality Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 Tax planning Tax preference item Tax preparation services Tax Rate Tax Reduction Strategy Tax Reform Act of 1976 Tax Reform Act of 1984 Tax Reform Act of 1986 Tax Reform Act of 1993 Tax refund Tax Roll Tax Sale Tax schedules Tax selling Tax Shelter Tax-sheltered annuity Tax shield Tax software Tax status election Tax straddle Tax swap Tax-timing option Tax umbrella TBA T Bill TC TD Team Team Player Tear sheet Teaser Teaser rate Technical Analysis Technical analysts Technical condition of a market Technical descriptors Technical forecasting Technical Information Technical insolvency Technical rally Technical Review Technical sign Technician Techno Technological Obsolescence Technology Transfer TED spread Teeny TEFRA (Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1983) Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Telemarketing Telephone switching Television Rating Temp Temporal method Temporary Assets Temporary Financing Temporary investment Temporary Loans Tenancy Tenancy for Years Tenancy in Common Tenant Tenants by Entireties (TEN ENT) Tenants in common Tenbagger Ten-Day Rule Tender Tender Offer Tender offer premium Tenet Ten largest holdings Tenor Tenor (of a Draft) Tenure Term Term bonds Term certificate Term Fed funds Terminal value Terminate Termination Termination Statement Term insurance Term life insurance Term Loan Term premiums Term repo Terms Terms of Delivery Terms of sale Terms of Trade Term structure of interest rates Term to maturity Term trust Territorial tax system Territory Test Testamentary trust Testate Test Case Testimonial Test Marketing TF TG TH THB The Curb The Desk The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System Theoretical futures price Theoretical spot rate curve Theoretical value Theory X Theory Y Theory Z The Public The Street Theta Think Capital Think Tank Thinly traded Thin Market Third market Third Party Third-Party Check Third-Party Sale Third World Thirty-day visible supply Thirty-day wash rule Thrash 'n' Trinkets Threat Three-Martini Lunch Three-Party Paper Three-phase DDM Three steps and a stumble rule Threshold Effect Threshold for refinancing Thrift Thrift Institution Thrift Institution Advisory Council (TIAC) Thrift plan Thrift Shop Through Bill of Lading Throughput Throughput agreement Tick Ticker symbol Ticker tape Ticket Tick indicator Tickler Tick-test rules Tie-In Promotion Tier 1 and Tier 2 Tiger Tiger Team Tight Tight market Tight Money Tight Ship Tight Supply and Demand TIIS Tiki Till Tilted portfolio Time Time and Motion Study Time decay Time Deposit Time Draft Time horizon Time Letter of Credit Timeliness Time Loan Time Management Time Money Time Note Time order Time premium Time-series analysis Time series models Time Sharing Times-interest-earned ratio Time spread strategy Time Standard Timetable Time to Market Time to maturity Time until expiration Time value Time value of an option Time value of money Time value permium Time-weighted rate of return Time-Zone Arbitrage Timing Timing option Tip TIPS Tired TITAL Title Title Binder Title insurance Title Policy Title Search Title Sponsor TJ TJR TK TM TMM TN TND TO To be announced (TBA) Tobin's Q Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Tolling agreement Toll revenue bond Tombstone Tom next Ton too-big-too-fail TOP Top 10 Risk List Top Down Top-down approach Top-down equity management style Top-heavy Top Level Top Line Topline growth Top Out Topping out Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) Tort Total Total asset turnover Total Capitalization Total cost Total debt-to-equity ratio Total Debt to Net Worth Ratio Total Debt to Working Capital Ratio Total dollar return Total Loss Total Market Capitalization Total Quality Management Total return Total return for calendar year Total revenue Total risk Total volume Touch, the Tough on price Tout Toxic Convertible Toxic Waste TP T-period holding-period return TR Tracers Tracking error Tracking stock Track Record Track the Project Trade Trade Acceptance Trade Advertising Trade Association Trade away Trade balance Trade Barrier Trade Credit Trade date Trade debt Trade Deficit Trade deficit or surplus Trade Discount Trade draft Trade Fixture Trade flat Trade house Trade-In Allowance Trade Journal Trade Lanes Trademark Trade Name Trade Off Trade on the wire Trade on top of Trade Press Trader Trade Reference Trade reporting Traders Trades by appointment Trade Secret Trade Show Trade Surplus Trade-weight value of the dollar Trading Trading Ahead Trading authorization Trading costs Trading desk (dealing desk) Trading dividends Trading Down Trading halt Trading limit Trading on the Equity Trading paper Trading pattern Trading posts Trading price Trading profit Trading Range Trading symbol Trading unit Trading Up Trading variation Trading volume Tradition Traditional IRA Traditional view (of dividend policy) Traffic Count Trailing earnings Trailing sales Training Trains Tramp Steamer Tranche Transaction Transaction account Transaction Cost Transaction demand (for money) Transaction exposure Transaction fee Transaction Insured Trade Acceptance Locator (TITAL) Transaction loan Transaction risk Transactions costs Transactions motive Transaction tax Transcript Transcript of Account Transfer Transferable letter of credit Transferable put right Transferable Stock Options Transfer Agent Transferee Transfer On Death (TOD) Transferor Transfer Payment Transfer payments Transfer price Transfer risk Transfer Tax Transition phase Translation exposure Translation Risk Transmittal letter Transnational Transshipment Traumatic Travel and entertainment expense Treasurer Treasurer's check Treasuries Treasury Treasury bills Treasury bonds Treasury Certificate Treasury certificates Treasury direct Treasury Inflation-Indexed Securities (TIIS) Treasury Inflation-Protected Security (TIPS) Treasury Investors Growth Receipt (TIGER) Treasury notes Treasury securities Treasury Shares Treasury Stock Treatise Treble Damages Tremendous Contribution Trend Trendline Trend Ratio Analysis T-Rex Fund Treynor Index Trial and Error Trial Balance Trial Offer Triangular arbitrage Trickle Down Trigger Price Mechanism Trim Trim Costs Trim Fat TRIN Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Triple net lease Triple tax-exempt Triple witching hour TRL Trolling Troops Troubleshoot Trough Truck Farm True interest cost True lease Trust Trust Company Trust deed Trustee Trustee in bankruptcy Trust Fund Trust fund transaction Trust Indenture Act of 1939 Trust receipt Truth in Lending Truth in lending law TSE 300 (Toronto Stock Exchange 100 index) TT TT&L account TTD TTM Turkey Turn Turnaround Turnaround Loan Turnaround Specialist Turnaround Time Turndown Turning Point Turnkey construction contract Turnover Turnover rate TV TW TWD Twenty bond index Twenty-day period Twisting Two dollar broker Two-factor model Two-fund separation theorem Two-sided market Two-state option pricing model Two-tier bid Two-tier tax system Tycoon Type Type A Type B TZ TZS UA UAH UG UGX Ultimate User Ultimatum Ultradot Ultra-short-term bond fund Ultra Vires Activities UM Umbrella personal liability policy Umbrella policy Unaffiliated Union Unamortized bond discount Unamortized premiums on investments Unappropriated Profit Unappropriated Retained Earnings Unaudited Opinion Unbalanced Growth Unbiased expectations hypothesis Unbiased predictor Unbundling Uncollected funds Uncollectible account Unconditional Unconfirmed Letter of Credit Uncovered call Uncovered call writing Uncovered options Uncovered put Uncovered Put writing Under-Advance Underbanked Underbooked Undercapitalization Undercapitalized Underclass Underemployed Underfunded pension plan Underground Economy Underinsured Underinvestment problem Underlying Underlying asset Underlying debt Underlying futures contract Underlying security Undermargined account Underpay Underperform Underprice Underpricing Understandability Under the belt Under the Counter Underutilized Undervalued Undervalued security Underweight Underwithholding Underwrite Underwriter Underwriter's Discount Underwriter's Warrants Underwriting Underwriting Agreement Underwriting Commission Underwriting fee Underwriting income Underwriting spread Underwriting syndicate Underwritten offering Undifferentiated Marketing Undigested securities Undiscounted Undistributed Profits Undiversifiable risk Undo Unearned Income Unearned income (revenue) Unearned Increment Unearned Interest Unearned Premium Unemployable Unemployment rate Unencumbered Unencumbered Property Unequal Voting Unequivocal Unfair Competition Unfair Labor Practice Unfavorable Balance of Trade Unfunded Accrued Liabilities Unfunded debt Unfunded pension plan Unified Modeling Language (UML) Unified tax credit Uniform Commercial Code Uniform Commercial Code Search Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Uniform Customs and Practices (Brochure 500) Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) Uniform practice code Uniform Rules for Collections Uniform securities agent state law examination Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) Unilateral Unilateral Contract Unilateral transfers Unimproved Property Unincorporated joint venture Uninsured motorist insurance Union Shop Unique Diversification Benefit Unique risk Unique Selling Point Unissued Stock Unit Unitary System Unit benefit formula Unit Cost United States Customs Service United States government securities Unit investment trust Unit Offerings Unit of trading Unit Pricing Unit Share Investment Trust (USIT) Unit Test Unit trust Unit Value Unity of Command Unity of Direction Universal life Universal Product Code Universe of securities Unleveraged beta Unleveraged program Unleveraged required return Unlevered cost of equity Unlimited liability Unlimited marital deduction Unlimited tax bond Unlisted security Unlisted Stock Unlisted trading Unload Unloading Unlocking Provisions Unmargined account Unmatched book Unpaid Dividend Unproductive Time Unqualified opinion Unrealized capital gain-loss Unrecorded Liability Unseasoned issue Unsecured Creditor Unsecured Debt Unskilled Unsterilized intervention Unsystematic risk Untimely Unwind a trade Up Update Up Front Upgrade Upgrading Up Market Upper Limit Upper Management Upscale Upset price Upside Upside potential Upstairs market Upstairs order Upstream Upswing Uptick Up Tick Uptick rule Uptick trade Uptime Uptrend Upturn Up volume Upwardly Mobile Urban Urban Renewal US Usage and Attitude Usage-Value Analysis Usance Usance Draft Usance Letter of Credit USD Useful Life User User Friendly User Interface User Interface Style Guide User Requirements Use Value US Treasury bill US Treasury bond US Treasury note U.S. Treasury securities Usury Usury laws Utility Utility function Utility revenue bond Utility Value UY UYU UZ UZS V VA Vacancy Vacancy Rate Vacate Valid Validated Export License Validation Valuable Consideration Valuation Valuation Clause Valuation Opportunity Cost Valuation reserve Value Value Added Value Added Dealer (or Reseller) Value-added tax Value Added Tax Value additivity principal Value Analysis Value-at-risk model (VaR) Value broker Value date Value dating Value in Exchange Value in Place Value in Use Value investing Value Judgement Value Line investment survey Value manager Value Maximization Value stock fund Value stocks Value to Owner VAMI Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE) Vanilla issue Vaporware VaR Variable Variable annuities Variable Cost Variable Expenses Variable Interest Rate Variable life insurance policy Variable Plan Variable-price security Variable Pricing Variable-rate Variable-rate CDs Variable rated demand bond (VRDB) Variable-rate demand note Variable-rate loan Variable Rate Loan Variable Ratio Write Variance Variance-minimization approach to tracking Variance rule Variation Variation margin VAT Vault cash VC VE VEB Velda Sue Velocity Vendor Veneer Venture Venture Capital Venture capital limited partnership Venture Capital Limited Partnerships Venture Plan Venture Team Venue Verbatim Verification Vernacular Version Vertical Vertical acquisition Vertical analysis Vertical line charting Vertically Integrated Vertical Marketing Vertical merger Vertical spread Vessel Vest Vested Vested Interest Vesting Vesting Period Vesting Schedule Veterans Administration (VA) mortgage Vetoing Stock V formation VG VI Vienna Convention Vienna Stock Exchange (VSX) Vignette Virtual Corporation Virtual currency option Virtuoso Visibility Visible supply Vision Vision Statement Vital Statistics VIX VN VND Vocation Void Voidable Volatile Volatility Volatility risk Volume Volume counting Volume deleted Volume Discount Volume Merchandise Allowance Voluntary accumulation plan Voluntary bankruptcy Voluntary Chain Voluntary Lien Voluntary liquidation Voluntary plan Voting certificate Voting Instruction Card Voting Right Voting rights Voting Stock Voting Trust Voting trust certificate Voucher Vouching VRDB VU VUV VWAP VXN W W3 W-8 W-9 WACC Wad Wage Wage Assignment Wage Bracket Wage Ceiling Wage Floor Wage Freeze Wage Incentive Wage Price Spiral Wage-push inflation Wage Push Inflation Wage Rate Wage Scale Wage Structure Waiting period Waiver Waiver of premium Walk away Walking Papers Walkout Walk the Line Walk the Talk Walkthrough Wallflower Wallpaper Wall Street Wall Street analyst Wane Wanted for cash War babies War chest Warehouse receipt Warehousing Warehousing Loan Wares Warm Money Warrant Warranty Warranty Deed War Risk Insurance Warsaw Stock Exchange Wash Wash sale Waste Wasting Asset Watch List Watered Stock Watering Hole Wax Waybill Weak dollar Weak-form efficiency Weak Market Wear and Tear Wearout Factor WEBS Wedge Weekend effect Weight Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) Weighted average Coupon Weighted average life Weighted average maturity Weighted average portfolio yield Weighted average remaining maturity Well Behaved Price Well-diversified portfolio Well Positioned WF Wharfage What We Can Afford Method When distributed When Issued When issued (W.I.) Whet Whipsawed Whisper number or forecast Whisper stock Whistle blower White Collar White Collar Crime White Elephant White Flag White Goods White Knight Whitemail White Noise White Paper White sheets White-shoe firm White squire White's rating Whiz Kid Whole life insurance Whole loan Wholesale Wholesale Factoring Wholesale mortgage banking Wholesaler Wholistic Wholly owned subsidiary Whoops WI Wide opening Widget Widow-and-orphan stock Wiener B&#ouml;rse (Austrian Stock Exchange) Wild card option Wildcat Strike Williams Act Wilshire indexes Windfall Profit Winding Up Window Window contract Window Dressing Window of Opportunity Window Treatment Wine and Dine Wing It Winner's curse Winnipeg Commodity Exchange Win Win Wire house Wire room Wire transfer Wish List With Average (W.A.) With dividend Withdrawal plan Withholding Withholding Tax With ice Without Without Recourse Without Recourse Financing With Particular Average (WPA) With rights WI WI Woody Word Word-of-Mouth Advertising Work Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Workforce Work Force Work Group Working Working away Working Capital Working Capital Loan Working capital management Working capital ratio Working control Working Days Working order Working Poor Work in Process Workload Workmen's Compensation Work Order Workout Workout market Workout period Work Product Work Simplification Work Standards Work Stoppage World Bank World Equity Benchmark Series (WEBS) World investible wealth World Trade Organization (WTO) Worth Wrap account Wraparound Wraparound annuity Wraparound Loan Wraparound mortgage Wrinkle Write Write-down Write Down Write-off Write Off Write out Writer Write Up Writing cash-secured puts Writing naked Writing puts to acquire stock Written-Down Value WS WST W-type bottom X XAF XBA XBB XCD XDR XEU X Factor XMI XOF X or XD XPF XR XW Y Yankee bonds Yankee CD Yankee market Yankee Peddler Yard Yardstick YE Year-End Year-End Dividend Year-to-Date Year-to-date (YTD) Yellow Back Yellow Goods Yellow sheets Yen bond YER Yield Yield advantage Yield burning Yield curb Yield curve Yield curve option-pricing models Yield curve strategies Yield differential-pickup Yield equivalence Yield Rate Yield ratio Yield spread Yield spread strategies Yield to average life Yield to call Yield to maturity Yield to warrant call Yield to warrant expiration Yield to worst Your Take Yo-yo stock YT YU Z ZA Zabara Zaibatsu ZAR ZBA Z bond Zeal Zero Balance Account Zero-balance account (ZBA) Zero-base budgeting (ZBB) Zero-beta portfolio Zero-bracket amount Zero-coupon bond Zero Coupon Bond Zero-coupon convertible security Zero Defects Zero Economic Growth Zero-investment portfolio Zero-minus tick Zero-one integer programming Zero-plus tick Zero Population Growth Zero prepayment assumption Zero Sum Zero-sum game Zero Tolerance Zero uptick ZM ZMK Zombies Zone Zoning ZRN Z Score ZW ZWD YUM


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